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  1. I just fixed one of these up this week! it is my first experience with the ZX line of systems, even with the super 16K upgrade LOL. Mad respect to everyone who actually lived the era of having to program games using that flat membrane keyboard and 1-2KB of RAM. It has been fun discovering the old games for it, many of which still really impress me given its severe limitations for the time. 3D Monster Maze being one of the first FPS/3D horror type games ever! Yep, on this particular one you can play a text version of Tic Tac Toe, Blackjack or Space Invaders. Here is what Tic Tac Toe looks like. There are some BBS like those I access on a Commodore, that are also hosted using Commodore software, so they have playable games that also tap into the system's integrated graphics and so on for a more interesting display.
  2. Just this evening I was online through my 1983 Mattel Aquarius 300 baud modem and an original landline. It was arguably the most obscure computer/modem setups in the 1980s, but still works fine on old phone lines and simple dial-up BBSes (even able to send Tweets out with it, lol).
  3. This was the name they trademarked for the synchronized "Onboard Interactive Lighting Technology." It was mentioned back in 2018 and promoted in this original teaser. So maybe they are now working to make it an active trademark as the console is closing completion, or I suppose could be repurposing it.
  4. That's true, but it also has been mostly retro gamers who've been discussing, attending events with/without their families and making videos about Amico for two years. Even though the marketing promotes it as a system for non-gamers and casual users who may not be very good at games (grandma etc.) at least from my observations it remains the retro side that's the main draw. Many who have played it including at AmicoFest and so on have retro gaming shirts, retro YouTube shows and collect video games. The VGM Live and collector Amico game boxes are also tailored to retro gamers. So I think there are two very distinct tracts of promotion but the one that has really dominated Amico since its inception has been the retro scene, even if the games and console are all modern.
  5. I'm assuming it is this one: But the results aren't quite what was stated. If there was another poll I'm unaware of it or it maybe was deleted.
  6. Reminds me of when "Death Race" caused such an uproar in the 1970s, with concerned parents and advocates calling it "sick and sadistic" cause you had to run over gremlins/beings...all six pixels of them. Decades before the trend of hating on violence in video games with GTA etc. It's always been a topic of controversy.
  7. The overlay concept would be a fun throwback to the originals. But the screen of the controller has no scanner/camera so wouldn't be able to interface with a card like that. I believe it will be a lenticular card with RFID that you place by the console to scan in and download. But it has also been said the box includes a few different items in it so I'm intrigued to find out what they are.
  8. It's a nice idea. The topic reminds me of the limited run Spectrum Next 8-bit computer that came out some time ago, which provides full backwards compatibility with original Spectrum games as well as a new apps and development via modern hookups and amenities. I think the main difference is target audience. Some of these others that support emulation of original games really were always targeting the retro 80s gamer type crowd. But I sense Intellivision is trying to promote Amico as a modern console for non-gamers or casual users more than really seizing on the 80s nostalgia userbase. I suggested this before that it'd be cool if the reimagined games like Astrosmash/Missile Command/Moon Patrol would have a "classic" theme that could be enabled to make the graphics more 8-bit style as homage to the originals.
  9. Allowing direct ports would be a win-win for everyone. They'd help streamline production and release by developers who already have a solid game built, help Intellivision save costs on research and development assistance, and bring more titles to customers who may already know and love them from other platforms. Cross promotion would also be stronger and get the word of Amico out to the sometimes enormous audiences from these existing games.
  10. Just looking at their Pricing page it seems there is no deadline for any fundraiser, as long as INTV is paying the $179/month fee they can keep it open-ended. Although there's also this note: "Your fundraise can last as long as you wish but an investor’s commitment will need to be renewed every 90 days until closing. I do notice Amico shows up under "Trending" right now so that's cool. It seems if we check the Recently Funded section they do say the amount raised after they close.
  11. Night Stalker and Cloudy Mountain are visually very interesting to me. I think the sport games shown in teasers (Baseball and Soccer) are of very low quality and honestly seemed out of place to even include in the trailer, especially knowing the clips were very old (and hopefully evolved a lot since then).
  12. I'm torn because I tend to avoid long plays of games I haven't played myself, especially story-based platformers where part of the fun is first-hand discovery. That said I also feel content with the amount of footage already seen for Finnigan Fox, Evel Knievel and Missile Command. Space Strikers and Pool are two titles I don't even recognize as ones I've seen anything about so those would be neat to see previews of. What I personally would find more interesting would be interviews with some of the developers to hear their insights, strategies and approaches toward development. I remember listening to a long interview with the developer of the new Night Stalker / Cloudy Mountain and it was really fun hearing his background and history of development not just with Intellivision but overall game design.
  13. I don't disagree, but also the ability for friends to join using their ordinary phones has also always been an Amico selling point. From that perspective I could see Intellivision wanting to show a mix of controller types even in staged advertising. Clearly clips 1 & 3 are choreographed reaction shots aimed at the camera rather than actual gameplay (the win/loss reactions in clip 3 are especially contrived and are immediate after the 'throw' long before the real game would even run its course). I'm sure had the Crayloa event occurred prior to E3 those more sincere reactions and gameplay captures would've made for a more natural E3 video. It's true we have not seen any raw gameplay footage of Cornhole including at any of the events or demo parties. I don't think showing the programmer art concept as the first hands-on demonstration was effective as it also makes the game seem overly complex per turn. I know Tommy has mentioned he plans to show more extended gameplay footage in the coming weeks so I look forward to that and hope the revised Cornhole will be part of that.
  14. Some electronic stores may carry it but I was only able to find it on Amazon. They make F5 for faders/knobs and D5 for plugs and connections. It's rather expensive but also one bottle will will last a very long time.
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