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  1. I'm located in Vancouver, Canada. Also, the machine seems to have this odd phenomenon where after turning it off, there is a blue-red streak across the CRT, Removing the neck board from the CRT makes no difference so it is surely something in the tube. I've attached a photo that hopefully hasn't been scaled down too much. Could it be leakage current or maybe the filament cooling down?
  2. Hello, I have had an Atari Monte Carlo arcade system for quite a while but have just brought it out of storage. I have not heard of this machine ever and judging from my serial number (480) it seems to not be a very popular unit. Due to covid, I may have to sell off some of my things hence why I brought this machine out. The machine fires right up without issue and seems to work fine. Would anyone be interested in this machine or is it simply just an unpopular unit that had a short production run? Thanks, Nick
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