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  1. Hey everyone! I would like to let you know, I now have an official club! It's called, the homebrew discussion! you should be able to join for free and hang out with the community, see you there!
  2. this is road rage. I have not programmed sprites yet. the goal of the game is to guide a chicken to the other side of the road moving up, as cars drive at him and get faster over time. dodge a car, and get a points bonus. this is Cops N' Robbers. I also have not programmed sprites yet. the goal of the game is to grab all the money bags sitting on the ledges before the slow moving criminals armed with weapons do. the finished games will be downloadable soon. I thought everyone would like to see some photos. hope you like them!
  3. hello everyone, I would like to inform you that I figured out how to add menu screens to my games. I will be releasing my 2 Homebrews including Cops N' Robbers, and Road Rage, for download. they should be finished soon, and i will upload photos of the games later on, they should be finished soon!
  4. so, I've been programming some games on visual bB, and I wanted to add a titlescreen in my game but could find no tutorials online nor any help from the tinkernut file. so does anyone know the code to switch between two playfields at the press of the fire button? please let me know.
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