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  1. This is a very famous teapot in 3D circles called the "Utah" teapot. I have one of these at home too. 🙂 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utah_teapot
  2. This game looks fantastic! Well done to everyone involved. 🙂
  3. Thank you! I always love to hear when people are enjoying the game, it means a lot when people take the time out to post about it. 🙂 The controller issue should be fixed for the next release as is the overlapping UI issue. I always appreciate any bug reports so if you encounter anything else, please don't be shy in letting me know. Thanks! yes you are quite right. Should be incoming! 🙂
  4. I don't know if this is the appropriate place to post (please feel free to remove if it is not) but I actually have some early concept shots of a Cybermorph style game I was prototyping. These are purely landscape generation tests. There is something I always loved about the Cybermorph style landscapes. Structure test Overall landscape shot tiling test
  5. This was a great watch. Thank you for posting!
  6. The Atari joysticks (especially the Classic Controller) are definitely challenging to implement from a developer perspective. Getting the joysticks working as expected from just a raw input perspective is one thing but after that there are a lot of decisions with the classic controller on how to process that data and use it in a game. I have had a few developers reach out to me and I have shared my approach with them. It is oddly a new challenge (even though paddle joysticks are so old) to handle the paddle functionality. For Barrage Blocks I have added settings to handle acceleration with the paddle joystick which take some getting used to from a player perspective but then allow you to be very precise over short distance which is great for a block-breaker. I think as time goes on the best methods of wrangling the data will be figured out and shared more, it is just going to take some time. Thank you everyone for the kind comments about ThrustLander. It is very gratifying to hear that people are enjoying playing!
  7. I don't know the intended rollout schedule by Atari for different countries but I do know that the current set of developers are from many different places in the World. I don't think this is uncommon for many systems, past and present. My VCS is set up in development mode so I cannot test this unfortunately.
  8. There is a new review of ThrustLander by Retr0rob
  9. I was also under the impression that the 4K is just for streaming. ThrustLander is in no way made for 4k output on the VCS.
  10. Thanks for all of the replies to this. I apologise for the late responses. I have subscribed to the thread and I will check in more often. Thanks, I hope you will enjoy the game! This was a great review, thank you for making it. I agreed with everything you said and I have been following your other reviews with interest. 🙂 Thanks Ekki. I am glad you are enjoying playing. The steep difficulty level is the number one piece of feedback that I get about the game. It tends to be quite polarising. I am glad that you enjoy it though and you are finding it addictive, I find it the same myself. I understand what you mean about getting angry when losing a mission. In my 'let's play' video I had to play one of the levels three times due to lapses in concentration. Generally, I tried really hard to reduce randomness as much as possible, so failing a level would seldom be due to random bad luck. That is why all the turrets have fixed firing arcs in the game, so the player can plan around situations. The goal was to make it so deaths would be less on the frustrating side and more towards trying a different approach, different tactics, using alternative ship weapons etc. At least, that was the aim! 🙂 Hi Shawn. We chatted briefly on twitter. I appreciate you reaching out about the controls and I am sorry you are having difficulty playing. Like I mentioned (and for anyone new reading this) the two supported controllers are the Atari Classic controller and the Atari Modern controller. I am sorry for any confusion caused with third party compatibility expectations. Having said all of this, I do actually have a new internal build in the works with increased third party controller support as I am sure this is going to come up again in the future with other players. It is currently getting debugged/play-tested. If all goes well I should be sending it to Atari soon. --- The latest build of ThrustLander should be live on the Atari store. It fixes the known bugs in the game, some balance issues and has some visual improvements, specifically aimed at helping new players and distinguishing between enemy projectile types. If anyone encounters any bugs/issues or of there is any other feedback, please don't hesitate in letting me know! 🕹️ Cheers, -Rob
  11. Hi everyone, I am the developer for ThrustLander. I just put together a let's play video for the game. I wanted to show a higher difficulty level and how the ship controls after more time in the pilot's chair. I play using the Atari Classic controller using the paddle functionality. I also showcase retro mode, timed mode and a selection of weapons for the ship. I don't want to take away from CranberryFo's video at all. They put together a really nice video of a first play experience and you should check it out above too. ThrustLander let's play link I think ThrustLander is a really nice fit for the Atari VCS and I am hopeful that there will be people who get enjoyment out of the game, whether it is from playing on unfair or a more relaxed easy mode. It's quite a niche genre of game as well as being a high skill level game to play, so I know it might not be a game that resonates with everyone. There are some planned bug fixes and updates coming in the new year if you already own the game, so please bear with me. Things have understandably slowed down a bit over the holidays. If anyone has any questions at all about the game, please let me know!
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