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  1. Thanks for that interesting anecdote! BTW: As I never throw anything good away, I still have all your games as well as an MZ731 and an MZ821 (see picture attached). Wooky was my favorite. All these were directly bought from you in the 80s, still "first owner". Actually, I even have more
  2. Hi Rob, yeah, some levels are really, really difficult to master, but actually, that is what makes this title so addicting, at least for me. When you miss a level over and over again, it really angers one and causes new ambition to try it again "once more". And the paddle-steering is just great also. Thanks for that great game, I hope many others will appreciate it also. Regards, Ekki
  3. And here a first video with the Atari VCS connected to a Sony 4K home cinema projector (german language)
  4. I bought Boulder Dash Deluxe today and played it for awhile in the VCS. It is alot of fun and a great modern version of the old classic, I really like it! I have another question though: BBG Entertainment is a successor of BBG (BIALKE - BERENDSEN - GLISZCZYNSKI) Software back in the 80s? If so, I bought / played alot of your Sharp MZ700/800 Games like Wooky, Nakamoto, PucMan etc... 35 years ago, they were all alot of fun too! Best regards, Ekki
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