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  1. close, Austin! To unlock the keypad, all you have to do is hit the 'left button right over the telephone button' And within 2-3 seconds, hit the '*' key on the right. And then BAM it unlocked snd you are in control!!!
  2. this game looks almost perfect! I look forward to playing it on real hardware.
  3. I just hit the menu button and BAM it pulled right up
  4. Well I did figure out how to unlock the keypad! But now I have forgotten how to pull up the menu. Any help with that?
  5. does anyone here have The Best of 99'er Volume 1 that they would be willing to part with? The EvilBay prices are atrocious! Thanks!
  6. I dug out my Nokia N-gage QD and have it charging up right now! I have forgotten one thing over the years, how in the heck can I unlock the keypad when it is locked?
  7. Technically that is the only port that is labeled at all!! No other port tells you what they do...
  8. The adapters showed up in the mail today!! Everything is hooked up and works perfectly, I love my F18A. The picture isn't stretched out, it is centered in the middle of the screen. I could not be happier! The only thing that would make it better is getting one of those multi-carts that arcade shopper sells...
  9. Until I can get Micro pinball, I'll have to settle with the vaguely pinball-ish game on the "VIDEO GAMES 1" command module... Any port in a storm, I love pinball!
  10. I just took another look and noticed that they say to turn on your TI BEFORE you plug in a cartridge! I'll stick with doing it the old-fashioned way of turning it on after I inset a "command module."
  11. How complete is Jumpman Jr.? Does it have all of the original levels, etc... And is there a Tetris? I 've looked around and cannot find anything!
  12. I was reading an instruction booklet when I noticed that TI encouraged changing out the cartridge with the power on!? I have never hot swapped a TI cart. How about everyone else here? Do you power down first or just rip the game out when you are done with it?
  13. I have an F18A inside my 99, so I already have an extra sharp VGA signal. My current monitor (TV!) has only HDMI no VGA at alll. So I need to convert the VGA and sound to HDMI.
  14. I am tight on space and as such, I cannot have all of my collection setup all of the time. Two weeks ago, I unhooked and boxed up my WIIU, and dug out the TI for the first time in about two years! I don't have the same VGA monitor that I used to use on it anymore, so I had to pick up some new hardware to go from VGA to HDMI with sound. I hope that it all works when I hook it up fully by next week! Will this introduce any latency, or not? Hopefully it is a smooth easy setup! I will be using this device to do the conversion: https://www.ebay.com/itm/373594805649 And this to capture the audio line from a standard composite audio jack. https://www.ebay.com/itm/111539908069 Everything should arrive by next week.
  15. Yes!! Micro pinball looks like a lot of fun. I may have to try to run it somehow...
  16. Is Jumpan Jr. on of those Arcadeshopper's multi-carts? I want to play it NOW! LOL
  17. Has anyone written a pinball game for the '99er? Zero Zap comes close, but I want more! LOL Any help would be helpful.
  18. I'm looking for some games that I can access via cassette drive for extended basic. Anything good avalible?
  19. Got it at arcadeshopper.com Thanks.
  20. Oh one last point, I want EB to actually use it not to collect. So it can be a bit rough as long as it works!
  21. Anyone here have a spare extended BASIC with docs that they are willing to part with? I haven't seen one pop up on evil-bay in a while. Thanks!!
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