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  1. The New 3DS XL is just going to keep going up. It's a Nintendo product, it's not made anymore, it was always niche, and it is incredibly unique. Although the 3D is a gimmick, I think that's ok in the world of retro games - it doesn't need to hold your attention for 100-200 hours, just a few hours and that's enough for most retro gamers. Further, handhelds don't age well - the controller is built in so they get disgusting quickly and they are often used by kids who treat them horribly. Keep one of these in mint condition and watch the price skyrocket over the next decade or two. The challenge is to keep it in good shape while still playing it, because all of these handhelds are hard to care for especially the two screened DS line.
  2. I can't even get this game to load at all, but I seem to recall people saying they had gotten it to load only for it to crash. Does Battlemorph really work for anyone, meaning can you really play this game without crashing? What's the status these days? I've tried multiple different Battlemorph images and multiple different SD cards. I've reformatted my SD card and started fresh. I'm using Samsung SD cards. Nothing I do gets Battlemorph to boot at all. I'd really love to play this game.
  3. Same. To me, I don't feel right owning more than 1 Jaguar because that takes a Jaguar out of the hands of another person. People owning multiple Jaguars necessarily limits how big the community can be by making it hard to own one. I think we needs Jaguars in the hands of as many people as possible and there are only so many out there. That said, my cartridge slot is super iffy and usually boots to a red screen until I move it around. I've left my Gamedrive in there for a year and it boots with no issues, but I'm not keen to take it out and play Rebooteroids unfortunately. I could replace the cartridge connector but I need to find a dedicated repair person and even then the new connector could break. I'm reluctant to do anything to it while it still works just fine, but the day may come in the future where I need a repair and/or a new Jaguar. I hope not.
  4. I think the number is likely near 1% of the consoles ever produced, possibly lower, possibly somewhat higher. For example, Sega sold 30 million Sega Genesis units. If 1 % were still in use, that would be 300,000 consoles across the world. That feels right to me. Of course there's no way to know the true number...or is there? Perhaps a limited console ownership census could be conducted and then somehow extrapolated to determine an estimated amount. I just doubt anyone would do that.
  5. I lived in SF as a kid and I received my childhood Jaguar for Christmas 1993 along with Cybermorph and Trevor McFur. I remember being bummed that no other games were out yet. I bought Raiden as soon as it came out as I loved the arcade version. It was the first awesome Jaguar experience I had. I remember Dino Dudes trickling out a little bit later but being impossible to find. I bought that and liked it as a Lemmings style game, but it was the most shocking game yet in that the graphics were undoubtedly 16 bit quality. I recall waiting for Tempest 2000 to come out, but believe it or not I passed on it, thinking I didn't want to play some retro 80s game in the polygon heavy 90s. Christmas 1994 I received AvP. It blew my mind. It was the best FPS I had ever played, even though it has aged very poorly. I thought that the visual of the Alien creature were the single best video game graphic I had seen up until that point in my life. I knew that although it had been a tough first year, the Jaguar had great things to come. 1995 was tough. Nothing interested me that was released. Us Jag fans were dreaming of Defender 2K, Battlesphere, and the sure to be mind blowing Fight For Life. Super Burn Out, Power Drive Rally, and Atari Karts were roundly panned by gaming media as 16 bit looking imitations, so I never bothered to play them back then. Funny how now I think those are 3 of the best games on the console! September 1995 came and the PS1 was the hottest thing on the market. I took all my Jaguar stuff and traded it away to pay for my PS1. I wish I had saved up for the PS1 and saved my Jaguar, but alas I did not. Looking at the console's entire library now is a bit misleading to how it felt at the time. Many of the games were released at the very end or weren't highly regarded at the time but have aged quite well. The CD player or lack thereof had little to do with it. The investment of money, time, and energy into the CD drive might very well have been part of the problem in that it took away from game development.
  6. The issue was the lack of games. If adding a CD drive from day 1 would have enticed more 3rd party developers to make awesome games, that would have been very helpful. It seems like that would have helped given what happened with the 3DO. However in the end, 3DO failed too despite having many cool first party games. The only thing that would really have saved the Jaguar would have been a ton of awesome exclusive games from Atari. That's pretty much how every successful console has worked - strong first party titles.
  7. I grew up in San Francisco and for Christmas 1993 my parents surprised me with an Atari Jaguar they bought from Toys R US, along with Trevor McFur and the Crescent Galaxy.
  8. I've been eagerly awaiting this news. Just preordered. Thank you for giving me a chance to bring home Battlemorph after all these years!
  9. Hi all, I am selling this Sega Saturn game collection as a package only - all games listed below are available for $240 total including USPS Priority Shipping - I ship to the USA only. I do not have the time to part out this collection, so I am only selling the games as a package. I will not sell individual games and the price is firm, sorry. Games will be shipped with care via USPS Priority Mail. All games work and are authentic. The Japanese discs are in good quality and the USA discs are in acceptable quality. Payment to made via PayPal. All item conditions are as listed below. Sega Saturn games (all games for $240 including shipping) 1. Deep Fear - (Japanese; original jewel case, manual, disc) 2. Capcom Generation 2 - Ghouls and Ghosts Collection (Japanese; original jewel case, manual, disc) 3. X-Men vs. Street Fighter - (Japanese; disc only; no RAM cart obviously since disc only) 4. Rockman X3 - (Japanese; disc only) 5. After Burner II - (Japanese; disc only) 6. Gale Racer (Japanese; disc only) 7. NBA Jam: Tournament Edition (USA; disc only) 8. Loaded (USA; disc only) 9. Alien Trilogy (USA; disc only) 10. Virtua Racing (USA; disc only) 11. Crusader No Remorse (USA; disc only) 12. The Lost World: Jurassic Park (USA; disc only) 13. Battle Monsters (USA; disc only) 14. Hang-On GP (USA; disc only) 15. Mansion of Hidden Souls (USA; disc only) 16. Dragonheart (USA; disc only)
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