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  1. This ^^^^ It has probably been over 30+ years since I looked at Atari BASIC command statements. Thanks for the correction and more detail.
  2. I can say that I have ran this game Altirra emulator with more success than you have. I'm new to compilers but I have found the following issues: 1) Colors seem to be just in black and white. Not sure why. 2) The first secret passage outside the fountain room does NOT display properly. Appears to be offset by several characters. I did not notice this in other places but suspect there could be other issues with drawing the rooms. 3) The game save option CONTL-S does not seem to work as it crashes when trying to save. Haven't messed with this too much as it could be something I need to do with the emulator settings. Overall I was able to play the game for a good while and I did crash 2-3 times out of maybe 30 games played. The ATR was probably made from a cracked version of the game. The dungeon disk side does not use files to store data but rather sector locations so it is important that that data remains in that state. A note about teleporting. If you use a teleport spell you will always teleport safely. Stepping on a teleport trap or using the Teleport command will teleport you and the chances of landing in a wall (and immediately dying) is based on the percentage of open space in the room. Examine command to see where traps may be. If you teleport into a wall you immediately die and return to the main character selection screen. My to-do on this will be to create new ATRs for this game based on the raw code I have in my possession and try to re-upload,
  3. I would appreciate if you could change my username to Jovick. And thanks. I did not realize I was using my email address as a username.
  4. Yeah, pretty sure that it won't run with BASIC enabled. Let me know the results.
  5. The original sellable disk was copy protected using CRC bad sector checks. There could be something going on there. I would never charge for a copy of the game. I am in process of pulling my stuff back out of the attic so possibly in the next week or two I can find a clean copy of the game. I know I have some. And thanks for all of the helpful tips. I do random searches for "Fountain of the Gods" out of boredom and I saw an new entry and I followed the trail to here. I must say I'm impressed with the activity on this site because most other Atari sites I have been to have posts that are months or years old. Kudos to this website!
  6. Hmmmm... I'm not aware of why it may be crashing. I built it initially using the Atari 800 and then moved to 130xe but ensured it could run on the 800 still. I used the standard Atari Basic language (with a few ML routines built in for speed) to build and then compiled with the ABC compiler so that it did not require the Atari Basic cartridge. I am unsure of the Basic Rev used though I suspect that isn't the cause for the crashes. If I could learn to use an emulator I could likely troubleshoot. Also, there is a dungeon editor available for FOG as well that I never released. I think it was the first dungeon editor out at the time that I knew. I also invented my own home-grown compression/decompression technology that might be amusing to share. On a similar note, I am new to this emulator thing so I need to do some research on how to do it. I'd also like to learn how to put programs/games out there for the emulator. I have massive amounts of software that probably nobody has or at least a small amount of people have.
  7. sorry for the double post. Registration was a little tricky and I thought I lost my original post.
  8. I am the developer of this game and am happy to see others still find an interest in it. I will try and upload some documents to help understand the play in the game and some cheat codes if needed. :
  9. I'm the developer of this game. I made it in high school and a bit while in college. I can answer probably any question you might have about the game. I'm glad some still take an interest in it. I'll try and find some info and upload the instructions and some suggestions. There are some Easter eggs in the game and also some cheat codes to help out if needed.
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