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  1. Discovered this official Game Boy thread right now! I'll take a seat with permission and check previous posts My GB consoles: Classic DMG-001 (battered, from my childhood) Gameboy Pocket black (almost perfect condition, plastic hard case a bit used/scratched) Gameboy Color lime green (screen starts to act funny with a strange line, need to clean up and check out) Gameboy Advance classic (second hand, a bit battered but works) Gameboy Advance SP NES Edition (a bit used, I'll change external case soon for a spare one and clean internally. My favourite ever). Games...I'll make a list soon I suppose.
  2. I'm talking about the game ROTD itself. I've never seen it, japan or not, for less than 2500 or more. It was released in AES in small quantities and seemingly, at least in some countries, was underappreciated and not sold that well. If you find one or a shop that has a much cheaper option and is the original cartridge (not repackaged "pirate"ROM), tell me and I will save for the day I can buy a Neo Geo (this is genuine question, not a challenge/mock, just in case it sounds funny, I would really love to see that in some place, there is a cheaper option). In Spain, there was a forum called SpekSNK in its time. It was the main hub of SNK here, and many many people gave it bad reps of that game, even if I personally liked it. Fortunately it seems that the mods and founders of the site, that had also Neo Geos and the original cartridges, gave very favorable reviews, but other users were not precisely kind. Something I've never understood. They thought it was a Garou-like version and found something different. In my case I liked that difference once playing. I always prefer KOF 98 of course, but this was a refreshing option, far away from KOF/Garou Densetsu bad clones.
  3. O-M-G....you have THIS, complete and when it was in official store. Treasure it, nowadays it's near 3000€, but of course, enjoy it, games are for that BTW. Did'nt knew that in this thread was someone from Piko itself! that's cool too. Hope to see those and many more games at least, ported to new systems, "Limited Run" or digital stores!
  4. Here is a longplay of "Rage of the Dragons", by the way. It was an homage to the original "Double Dragon" Neo Geo game (which was an old and quite average game for my taste, and also based on the INFAMOUS Double Dragon movie), this one definitely "saved" the Double Dragon reputation IMHO. A pity that they couldn't have the rights for being official On may 2020 Piko Interactive acquired the IP and expressed interest in using it in some way, according Wikipedia and other sources ( https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2020-05-11/piko-interactive-acquires-rights-to-rage-of-the-dragons-game/.159447 ) :
  5. Right now there is no "broken condition" ones. The worst I've found is a unit with a reset button not working properly. And it's not THAT cheap. For 30 more bucks I have another working perfectly. Total more or less 300€ (not including parcels and sending). BTW anyone have looked at Rage of the Dragons? It was a very good fighting tag-team game. It was a bit of downside on my inner circle because they were expecting a "Garou clone" but was something different. Nowadays I consider it a VERY good game, and reviews of its time were very good also. Good luck finding one AES for less than 3000€ tho....
  6. Starting to look Neo Geo prices. I'm planning to someday buy an AES with KOF 98 as starting pack (Japanese because are cheaper and RED BLOOD), then a Samurai Showdown/Spirits. Prices are usually 400+/- for console and 150/300 for one of those games. Any tips for it? It's a LONG TERM project. I have to buy first other games and systems BTW...
  7. The only downside of this is that AES cartridges and cases are BEAUTIFUL for display. I regret to buy 2 NGP games in japanese edition ("SNK vs Capcom Card Clash - Capcom Edition" and "Sonic Pocket Adventure") because they are cheap cardboard and has worse aesthetics/conservation than old Gameboy games (at least, the front of DMG games were awesome). On the other hand, EUR/USA NGP games were like "mini AES boxes" with matte plastic film covering and hard cases, I love them. From a "just player" perspective, this is AWESOME. A Neo Geo can be picked up more or less at a nice/slightly high price (yet...), but AES games are much cheaper and you can put free play and adjust the DIP switches.
  8. Thanks for the welcome man! Yes, I'm a NGP/C gamer, but I collect (casually, not completionist) many other systems as well. My actual "casual collection" includes NDS, GameCube, Saturn, Dreamcast (still needs to start, have the console only, boxed), Mega Drive (Genesis on your country), Gameboy (specially the original DMG-001 games I've played in my childhood), and I would like to start Atari 2600 and recover my first machine: ZX Spectrum 48k. Nice to see you had a nice time here. Hope some day will be possible again Thanks again. I also like Neo Geo AES/MVS. I was a serious KOF player in early/mid 2000's. Still love KOF98, 99,2000 and my new love is Samurai Showdown/Spirits. Loved the traditional feel of that saga. See you here, man!
  9. At last I've found the thread. Copy/paste of what I've said before in status updates I have KOF 96 for Gameboy and KOF R-2, both complete set (box/papers) and spanish/EU versions: The official ports in NGP of KOF were more similar to the originals and the combos were very much the same, but a lot slower paced (framerate issues maybe?), still, they were different. That's why I simply say that Takara and NGP ports are equally great. One is fast paced and with new combos, the other is more faithful and better graphically but gameplay is much slower. Try them if you can, NGP is a GREAT system. I had mine when it was selling fresh in Spain, and I was fortunate enough to get Sonic Pocket Adventure (JAP release) with box and manuals quite cheap in its day. Now prices have risen.... Also, I add something: You can actually do very cool combos with Leona just with kicks and some special attacks like the Grand Sabre it's a good feature that they tried to actually do SOMETHING DIFFERENT adapted to that hardware. It's the era when console ports were different, crazy...and totally worth. The other example we can find like this was the Turok saga for Gameboy, done by the way by Bit Managers, a videogame company stablished in its day in Barcelona, my home city (proud of them!), and had a totally kickass chiptune soundtrack by Jose Alberto Gonzalez ("Joe McAlby").
  10. Honestly...I pretty much like it. It's a bit expensive yet for what it is in raw power and software, but it's not a bad concept per se, specially for people that wants a console with more possibilities. And in software...well, it's still not for public sale, let's wait a bit...and hope that they add 8bit/ST, Lynx and Jaguar games to their library. In my case, I've decided that after the Switch and Atari Portfolio, I would buy better the original VCS with a small library. I love it. But I would not discourage this thing for enthusiast. At the end of the day, the "TRVEGAMERS in 4K 120FPS" are not the public for this console, just the retro/scene/indie xDD and the said Nintendo Switch has a pretty old/underwhelming hardware too, being only the software and the concept of "dual console" the real deal for it (and many ports run in potato mode, like The Sinking City and Doom Eternal, and they are still VERY enjoyable).
  11. In short: - Atari OS can emulate Atari Games because they are from their own and they are SELLING it. - Nintendo *nix/FreeBSD (I guess) based Switch OS (or the Nintendo 3DS OS) also have for selling roms with a custom emulator - Atari would never sell/distribute a software in their commercial machines/OS/online shop that could emulate any Nintendo games and set them in trouble with the Big N - Viceversa also: Nintendo obviously doesn't allow to put emulators (like the ones we have on our PC's) of other systems on their eShop, at least, AFAIK... ---------------- Maybe one of the few exceptions is the Atari Greatest Hits by Code Mystics (an early version of Vault for Nintendo DS) and other games that uses emulation of older systems as main engine (PC Engine, Sega systems, and other retro stuff). BUT they are on sale and have an agreement with Nintendo. They are not just the "Dolphin Emu" and look yourself for the roms". OTOH, the final user in Sandbox/PC mode can load whatever wants under their own responsibility. You break it, you fix it. You want Atari OS it will work as it is. You can run another OS's but with some legal caveats, of course. I suppose that conditions are under the legal "read me disclaimers yadda yadda i've read and accept everything".
  12. Emulators are "legal" for private purposes. For commercial purposes it's a dangerous gray zone. Even if they are free to download, the fact that there are in a store can be troublesome. I think that in Google play are more relaxed with that because all responsibility is in the developer and also they provide all type of apps. With Atari...well. They provide videogames. Imagine that they provide you an emulator that can make you bypass paying for their own products or worse: a legal strike by Nintendo for allowing a Game Cube / SNES emulator. I suppose that for now they will pass. But you can install it either by your own with not much hassle (sudo dpkg -i emulatorname)
  13. I would not hope that ANY console emulator would be on the official store, let alone Nintendo consoles... More than illegal, they are on a grey zone. Don't expect them officially, but you can run them without fearing a raid on your home asking for your head...or fines lol. But if they are on Linux, and being "Atari OS" a Debian based distro, someone could "port" them with a proper drawer icon and splash screen/easy install.
  14. Seen just right now. It's really impressive and leaves me a better taste of what can do and what is/can become in the near future. Make it more expandable/upgradeable and we have a sure winner. Albeit "as is" looks pretty good, seeing this.
  15. This is probably how I see this "hybrid/ataristeam machine". I have some feelings about this: - As a computer/tech enthusiast, this thing seems a bit underwhelming. Hardware looks like 2017-2018 more or less and the price tag is somewhat high for what can give. - As "brand collector/enthusiast" is a pretty and collectable thing. Aesthetically is beautiful ("wooden grain" or nothing for me). Also, if you like to mod things, or the old-school computer world (like the "Spectrum vs Amstrad" era), this is quite similar: home microcomputers for enthusiast easy enough to use and mod. In a certain way and saving some distances, it reminds me a bit of the ZX Spectrum Next: a device for playing, programming for hobby, modding, expanding etc...just like in the old days, but with modern hardware and a similar idiosyncrasy/ideas behind it. Not something for everybody, but for a "cult following". I can understand it existence, but unfortunately, it took too much to get finally released. Maybe if they had done it without delays, hardware would have been better, or at least something more coherent to their conception time. If VCS was conceived and made on 2019/2020 would have got better specs. I think that being conceived in 2017 and the delays made this hardware not exactly obsolete, but behind other offerings. As SegaSnatcher said, as an emulation machine can be quite nice, specially if Dolphin runs ok, albeit even my 2011 Elitebook i7 emulates GC fairly well at 60fps most games. AFAIK, emulating PS2 is quite hard yet, even harder than Saturn (correct me if I'm wrong, but Emotion Engine seems to be problematic to emulate yet because it's a Superscalar RISC core, and needs 2 cycles instead of 1, needing a quite powerful machine). If anyone can test PS2 emulation in the VCS would be nice. A pity that they don't sell the external case, I would use it for my deeds
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