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  1. Hi thefred, that was a mistake from my side: Actually the firmware is the 1.04, which is the latest one. Even though I got a new LCD, I interpreted "0" as "8". This happened due to the font used. It is a current GameDrive.
  2. Hi Nop, thanks for your reply! Actually, I also found your thread describing the EEPROM issue afterwards, too. Thanks and regards, Andreas
  3. Hi there, since a few weeks I own a Lynx game drive. All "official" ROMs and lots of other home-brew or self compiled ROMs work, but I cannot get certain ROMs working. Examples for this are "Nutmeg" and "xump4lynx". I downloaded the ROMs from various websites, including Retroguru, but I just get a black screen. Anyone facing the same issue or has an idea whats the problem? I'm using a Lynx II with LCD mod and also tested it on 2 further original Lynx II and an original Lynx I that I own. The SD card in the GameDrive is 32 GB, FAT23 formatted on OSX. GameDrive firmware is V1.84 (latest one). Best regards, Blademan. PS.: If any admin is reading this: I'm trying to get my account to be approved for weeks/months now and wrote several emails regarding this - unfortunately did not receive any info, yet...
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