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  1. Hi all,


    I wanted to share some of the work that I have been doing to develop my first Atari 2600 game. Actually, this is my first time really programming and designing a game. I'm excited to share my progress.


    In this game, you take control of a friar during the Middle Ages who has been sent to the Forbidden Forest to dispel a dark cult rumored to be hiding out. As they traverse the woods, they come across mysterious relics which can be picked up and identified. However, once 7 relics have been found, a mysterious ghost is summoned and chases the friar through the woods. The friar is able to use a limited amount of energy from the relics to ward off the ghost, should it get to close. They will need to avoid the ghost and continue collecting as many relics for as long as possible! This is intended to be a survival horror type game where the player navigates this strange place, collecting items, and avoiding the Ghost.


    I basically started this game in early May and have been practicing programming a variety of features independently. Eventually, I put them together, and this is what I created. I really like how it is coming along so far, and I want to continue working on it and polishing it. I will post my .bin file here, and hopefully you guys can give me some helpful criticism and suggestions/advice!


    What I have implemented:

    • Labyrinthian-style endless map (the rooms are effectively empty, currently)
    • Animations for the Friar, relics, and Ghost
    • Game consists of two rounds: Round 1 (collection of relics) and Round 2 (ghost chase)
    • In Round 1, the Friar needs to collect 7 relics which are randomly spawned. The collection of R1 triggers R2
    • In Round 2, the Friar is chased by the Ghost which may randomly spawn upon entering a room. The successful evasion of the ghost triggers R1
    • Status screen that tracks relics (how many collected in R1) as well as the most recent relic. The completion of R2 resets everything back to 0
    • If the Ghost nabs the Friar, the game ends with a yellow screen. The player can restart.


    What I would like to implement:

    • Audio. I need to design an appropriate audio for the game. Ideally, a spooky music loop and sound effects to drive the feeling of being lost
    • Game over screen. I would like to implement a better splash screen for the end of the game. Right now it is just a yellow screen
    • Score display. The player gains points for collecting relics and successfully avoiding the ghost. This total score isn't displayed but I would like to display it
    • Redesign sprites. The Friar could be updated
    • Include playfield graphics. Right now the PF is empty, but it would be cool to render trees (this is supposed to be a forest)


    Anyway, let me know what you guys think! I plan on continuing the development of this game. I've learned a lot of things but I still have a long way to go. Feel free to download the bin file check it out! Thanks!


    image.thumb.png.dfdcb9b82a7013209c8e6067adab7f9b.png(starting room)

    image.thumb.png.8a1a8aed04f93c4a10da517f51b649fc.png (The Friar has encountered a second relic)

    image.thumb.png.bd9c27f8460535f24712c62cfeb42fac.png (The Friar attempting an escape from the Ghost)

    image.thumb.png.12c5fb1a3d1c66c509eaf57046f88491.png (Pretty empty Game Over screen)


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  2. I understand. I was using the playfield elements (PF1) to draw the icon, which is why it ends up being so chunky.


    If I was already rendering player0 and player1, could I try to use one of the player objects to render the icons on the side of the screen as well? Would that involve flickering? I apologize, I am pretty new to programming for the Atari. Thanks!

  3. Hi everyone, I was looking to learn how to display icons in the play field in a game I am developing. I want to be able to display different symbols on the side of the screen (similar to the trophy symbol in Haunted house). I tried displaying a sprite in the playfield I don't want it to be super stretched out like that. Does anyone have any suggestions on rendering icons?


    display.png(this is a small test I was working on to render the icon at the top)

  4. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums. I just wanted to stop by and say hi to everyone here and I'm hoping to be engaged in the discussion of homebrew games with you all.


    I am also an amateur developer, and I have been working on developing a homebrew game of my own lately, is it okay to share developments, ask questions, and post other related things in this group? If not, let me know!


    Anyway, hope to see you all around!

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  5. On 1/20/2021 at 5:32 AM, Andrew Davie said:

    I think you will save about... mmmh.... 4 years of your life... buying a modern one instead of trying to get this one working on a modern PC!  But, I've been known to do crazier things, so who am I to discourage you.

    Haha, yeah I imagined that would probably be the best way to go forward. I figured I would post here to see if there was any info on this thing. If nothing else, it's a pretty neat piece of tech to have.


    Anyway, if you guys have any suggestions for easy to use programmers and equipment, I am all ears! Otherwise I'll scour the forums for more info. Thanks everyone!

  6. Hello everyone!


    I picked up this device at a surplus electronic store, and I wanted to know if you folks might have more information on what it is, how to use it, etc.? I believe it is an EPROM programmer but I cannot find any info on it when I look it up or the associated company (Timely Technology). I wondered if it could be used to write to EPROM chips for creating homebrew cartridges for the 2600 but I'm not sure what else I would need to get it hooked to a modern computer. I think one of the cables is a parallel port but I'm not 100%. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction with this!






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