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  1. Oh very nice @webdeck on the din connector install. I ended up passing the wires through the hole and attaching a plug connector there. I might have to revisit now and try your approach
  2. I just wanted to +1 this thread as I did the RGB mod this weekend to my TI and it was really straightforward with those tips on the 560ohm resistors for getting it to work. The hardest part was the mini din connector in my amateur attempt to do a no-cut mod after removing the existing 5-pin din connector. Man those things suck to solder too! Also, I checked and I had a SN94624 chip on the board but didn't have to mess with the jumpers or switch to different chip when I dropped in the 9928 to get the audio to work. Very pleased with the crispy RGB signal I get now from my beloved TI. Thanks for listing out what to do here.
  3. Hi All, got bit by retro gaming bug a few years back and have now made my way to my first home computer. Dusted off the TI and got a 32k sidecar, TIPI and the Finalgrom cart. This game looks really amazing. Looks like I need this SAMS sidecar as well so will see how to get one and then purchase this. Can't wait to try this game out!
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