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  1. Ive looked into the IC and i found several chip problems that could be the problem but do you have a specifoc IC you where thinking about? Caise i dont have a clue and it seems that there are no replacement for them except for another vectrex as you said. Any input you could offer?
  2. Problem with graphics on the vectrex. I've search a lot and cannot find how to repair the issue, i found a thread on this page from someone who had the exact problem, he said he finally fixed it by changing a chip, cant remember the name but i cannot fond any chip with the same name on the vectrex and no mention of it in another forum or web page. When i turn on the vectrex it displays fine, the vectrex name comes up but then after like 5 seconds the letters become just lines, then the game starts and you can see parts of the game but a whole lot of lines coming out from the center of the screen. See the pictures attached. I am no expert on electronics, i opened it up and cant see any capacitors leaking or any cables out of place or rust anywhere. Please help if you have any trouble like mine and how did you fix it. (I already adjusted the knob on the brightness and it didnt do anything).
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