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  1. Hmmm.. not yet available and currently out my price bracket but very possibly a future purchase. Got my Jag in 2002 when GAME had loads to sell through cheap, £50 for the console if I I recall. I got one and the x4 games that interested me. Had I known then what I do now I would have bought a copy of everything at £9.99 a piece. Arrgh!
  2. I know my question isn't emulator related but how does one get hold of a Harmony cart or similar for the Jaguar? I have searched the forum and Google but can't really find a real answer.. Anyone have, build, supply them? My Jag library consists of x3 games and would love to check out more but the cost of them..... 😔
  3. After my lovely Sears and Plus Cart (seperate thread) I accidentally bought the original Atari Flashback. It was eBay and local. I put a silly best offer in at £3 (buy now was a tenner) with a message saying I will collect. It was accepted and then I reread the listing that it "stopped working and has been in the garage for some time" - so I walked ten minutes with my £3, got it - it was all boxed and looked nice condition. Got home and..... nothing wrong with it, seems to be in full working order? Have no real use for it of course but it's something else to shove on a shelf 🤣
  4. Loving the wooden one😁 We need more wooden peripherals!
  5. I have always wondered if a 2600 paddle will work on a Sega Master system.. same plug again but Master System paddle controllers are extremely scarce, probably as only a handful of games used them like Alex Kidd BMX Trials.
  6. The earliest form of DLC? As the camera pans the queue, I'm the ginger guy in the black leather that waves at the camera. Of course like Pokemon, my "evolved form" 20+ years later looks very different 🤣
  7. And the other thing Nintendo did.. POKEMON..... don't forget Pokemon. The world went crazy for it. People were buying Gameboys just for Pokemon. Snap and Stadium were also reasons to grab the N64. The first glimpse of "realistic" 3D Pokemon.
  8. As promised, here is my update after receiving my console back. I am posting this way later than promised so my apologies again. Simply Brilliant is the short version! Initially I had some TV related problems getting both SVideo AND sound but I have gotten that right now. All I can say is the Svideo (now with sound!!) is excellent, real nice vibrant image with lovely sharp lines and certainly the go to option for the TV that supports it. Switching to composite via the cleverly repurposed channel switch is also great quality on the larger TV, it all still looks great and it's nice knowing I can take this wherever I please should the situation arise - (I'm talking about going downstairs, nothing exciting but it matters!) Plus Cart (+) is soooo much fun! Arguably if it wasn't for wanting certain favorites on original carts then it just might be the only cartridge needed to a 2600 owner. Particularly those just staring out. I (selfishly) spent the last evening or two adapting an empty vader base I grabbed off eBay to pop the Sears into - some may think the big piece out the front (above) gives character (?!) But for me, such a now-awesome and nice looking machine should have a clean and tidy shell. I have put a few pictures of her running, as we know the camera doesn't do it justice. Thanks to you both, a fabulous speedy job and I am really pleased with this. This probably wasn't used for what was possibly decades from the amount of filth it had - what a revival and revamp it has had!
  9. When replacing the battery its worth spending on a decent one - I learnt that the hard way.. a cheapo battery will last weeks, maybe even a month and then bye bye saves. A decent battery should last possibly years if played regularly. Memory card is handy as you don't have to worry about the internal clock then. Want to try the Pseudo Saturn one day. I'd like a second saturn though just because mine has a few ....... "quirks"
  10. I have often wondered what Zombi U plays like as Zombi on PS4. Without the second screen the game must have lost a ton of cool features. It was one of the few games that used the gamepad pretty much to its full potential.
  11. Good luck with that, I have heard its a great game and looks decent too. Never had it though as Jag games are silly prices here on eBay. Jag has a great version of Wolfenstein 3D though. 2nd only to the wonderful 3DO version.
  12. Some were better than others certainly. I think there was a novelty back then of "whoa, real people" but in general the main difference with them was you either had those of multiple choice and those that give the player a sense of control vs what would become "quick time events" where the only interaction was occassionally pressing a button at a particular prompt - something that hasn't aged very well. The Night Trap remake has nice visuals. They had all the old raw footage on film still so were able to keep the original FMV sequences without the limitations of the Sega Mega CD. In more modern games, I don't mind cut scenes on the condition that I have the option to skip them if I want to and they don't heavily outweigh the rest of the content which I think more than a few are guilty of.
  13. Remember the FMV craze of the Mega / Sega CD? Now and again you get to press a button to initiate a cut scene...
  14. Well I am hurtling toward 40 now and when I was a little kid it was all Nes, Master System, SNES or Megadrive (Genesis) and I got interested in the 2600 about four years ago now. Whilst I didn't grow up with it I find it's games very similar to some of the BBC Micro or Acorn Electron from childhood. In fact certain games I played back then where Atari games under different names that I didn't at first realise started on the 2600. For me, there isn't really a generation of consoles and games that are "better" than one or the other - they are just different. You can take any console at random and there will be great games, terrible games, fun games, dull games and ones that are just programmed so badly they are unplayable. I think the only thing I notice more of now (and by "now" I would say post-xbox 360, Wii and PS3) is people seem to be obsessing over hardware specs. As I said above, for me it's the games. For many others now, yes the games are a factor but so is the asthetic of the console, the texture of the buttons and lets not forget teraflops! I see people chatting more and more about CPUs etc. There is also this bizarre debate about "Generations" that a generation is determined by specs alone. The Nintendo Switch for example just like the XBox X/S and PS5 is a 9th Generation Console - done, finished. It is the successor to the Wii U which was 8th Generation just like the XB1 and PS4 - done, finished. Yet there is a whole culture to try and justify the opposite argument because the consoles are "underpowered" compared to Xbox and Playstation!! My Grandfather was taller than my Dad. So by this logic, my Dad to my Grandfather was "last generation" then. Again, in my day it was "Sonic vs Mario" not "well my controller has 4 face buttons and two shoulder buttons" or "I'm not getting an N64, it takes cartridges so it's last gen" weird.. I still play newer games sometimes but there is very little outside franchises I have followed since their dawn that can capture and HOLD my attention. Never been interested in MMOs etc or playing online. Maybe I am old or just weird or somewhere in the middle!😆
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