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  1. Got my Dreamcast here in the UK at launch, no regrets at all then but obviously saddened when they stopped production. I moved onto the Xbox and Gamecube at that point but still played the DC and still go back occasionally to it along with everything else! The Dreamcast was an excellent system and had some great games. True, it had flaws and some things that I will never understand the attraction over (think anything to do with the VMU) but IMO it was much more fun at launch than the PS2 which for me is possibly the most overrated console ever made. Note, I am not saying it is bad or has bad games - just to me it isn;t anything more ground breaking than anything else. The DVD player was indeed good at increasing the sales as was a blu-ray in the PS3 as I know a few people who literally bought both just for that. But I do feel Sony rode the high tides of their excellent original Playstation system. Sony, for many of us entered the gaming market out of the blue at a time when Sega had started to develop a very strange self destructive culture with Sega USA and JP trying to one-up each other all the time and Nintendo were just sort of plodding along. Sony quickly established themselves with a great machine, great games and I am very sure many hopped on board the PS2 just because of that reputation. I don't believe the PS2 ever brought to the table what the original Playstation did. Sega? In the UK, I certainly think the whole lack of brand loyalty / consumer non-confidence with Sega was a large factor in Sega's downfall. We have to also remember this was pre-mainstream internet times. Hell, many people still didn't own a "home computer" at this point. The high street was everything! I never knew anyone else with a Dreamcast, and I think a big problem was it was the same story for the illusive Sega Saturn. The Saturn at least by me was removed from shelves super early on along with anything Mega CD / 32X with the Megadrive games being relegated to the very back of store shelves or in "clearance" baskets. Sega was very much abandoned or shunned by all the big retailers during the Saturn era. You wouldn't even have found a game in the wild because nobody seemed to have the console. Fast forward to the Dreamcast and Sega were pretty much a childhood memory of 1991 and Sonic the Hedgehog. They just had no presence or relevance anymore. When the DC launched, Sega did of course find their way to shelves but from memory it wasn't back to what it used to be, it was very "Wii-U" style in the sense you would have two or three bays in an aisle of the competition and just one bay of Dreamcast or just the bottom shelf. The bad relations with some store chains never recovered and they simply didn't stock Sega stuff.
  2. There is two additions, the one with Pacman built in and the handful of 7800 titles has an SD card slot. The earlier one (that I j7st picked up LOL) does not. I have not tried 7800 Roms in the Flashback Portable yet but plan to this weekend.
  3. This handheld has both an SD slot and a handful of 7800 games built in. Does that mean it plays 7800 Roms with the SD? I can't find an answer. Does anyone here know or can try it?
  4. Ah thanks both, just went on Gamestop and I can buy eshop credit like you said. I will have to have a think as just realised that if I buy with my spare profile then I will only be able to play it on one of the switches rather than any of them we own. Also need to consider the GBs of space. Hmm.. I will probably get a eshop card anyway for the US eshop as the sales there differ sometimes to PAL so think its a handy thing to have.
  5. Theres already a Saturn emulator for Switch that has been used officially by City Connection called Zebra Engine in their Cotton games and hackers have already got other games running on Switch with it. Yea I have had better results on ios than PC in fairness. I think unless you have a PC worth thousands or are doing something very basic then you are screwed from the start since nothing ever seems to work 🤣 Nintendo paying Sega for those games? Jesus.. I am surprised they bothered then. I still think Sega are being incredibly short sighted. I get the MD is the safe bet but it's almost like they don't even acknowledge that they ever did anything else..
  6. The only thing I don't get about Nintendo Switch Online is SEGA! So the N64 option launched and Sega decide to give us yet again, the same old Megadrive games. Why not the Saturn? The Saturn competed with the N64 not the Megadrive. I know the Saturn flopped outside of Japan but that is just the point, they had the opportunity to establish a brand new fanbase. I would have loved to have gone on the Switch Online service and have say; Sonic 3D (far superior to the 16bit counterpart) Sonic R (I hate this but I know others like it) Nights into Dreams Burning Rangers Panzer Dragoon Zwei Shinobi X Virtua Cop (come on, Joycon aiming!!) Sega Rally Virtua Fighter House of the Dead There's x10 1st party titles off the top of my head without even trying, shove some of their Japanese only localisations on and whatever others they can license and we might have had something good there. Keeping the old franchises relevant and accessible gives hope for new releases. Honestly, I just assume they are thick at this point. NOBODY upgraded to the N64 online to play Megadrive games - nobody. They upgraded to play N64 so throwing the Saturn games in as a freebie was a no brainer.
  7. I was going to start a new thread but I will try my luck here amongst you eShop fans! I want to get Dying Light at some point for Switch but the UK eShop has it banned because NOE is based in Germany and they have various laws on content etc. Physical seems eBay exclusive and expensive. I have a USA eShop account on my spare profile but don't have an American bank or Paypal account to link to it. I have read that eShop currency can be bought and used anywhere PROVIDING it matches the currency of the country. So my question is, in theory then... If I was to agree with a kind person that I would Paypal them some dough and they bought me an eShop card in $ and messaged me the code, could I then download Dying Light? Has anyone ever tried this?
  8. Sooooo... I just spotted these consoles on eBay of the USA and am considering buying one BUT I am in the UK so the standard lead isn't suitable "as-is". My question is, what is the type of power lead these things have? Would I get away with my Atari Flashback 6's plug or am I going to have to mess around with step down convertors etc?
  9. You end up with some horrible things when you work with your hands for years. If I close or clench my right hand, I get a painless yet very noticable 'pop' sensation in my little finger. When I release my hand, I then have to then manually move my little finger back with fingers on my other hand it simply won't move back by itself as if it's stuck. Im use to it now but at the same time it will never feel 'normal' to me.
  10. Now on level 85 😊😊😊 - eventually got past 72 doing the exact same thing over and over until the timing was spot on. Another ball introduced now, the black ball and it's quirk is it can't jump 😯 Loving this game
  11. Im currently stuck on if I recall, level 72. It's one of those levels I am sure I am doing the solving correctly but the timing is sightly wrong and so 200+ tries so far...
  12. And there was me thinking he was shooting the aquatic life with his mighty meat stick 🤣
  13. That is a factor. I was always suprised by the Switch cases given the size of the content. I miss instruction manuals with games, they really could have made nice padding for the switch cases.
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