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  1. Ahh, totally makes sense. So I can add a little code to clear out the screen memory and then it'll be good to go. I love feedback, it (nearly) always makes me a better programmer. I certainly do not claim to be ANY sort of expert on the Atari platform. So, much appreciated.
  2. I also tested on my Incognito-equipped Atari 800 (what a fabulous piece of hardware BTW) against most of the OSes. I had no problems against a Stock OS-B 48K machine, Altirra OS, XL/XE 64K and AXLON 1088, all were good. I wonder what is causing the problem on Altirra?
  3. Interesting. I tested on my 800XL and the Atari800MacX emulator without any problem. I have not run it on Altirra. I do want to try on my 800 as well, because it has the Atari key.
  4. I needed to do some keyboard input, and given that all the books I have list all the various keyboard codes in decimal and not hex, I scratched my itch. My program opens the K: keyboard device and shows the various codes for each key pressed. It's a toy, and certainly not perfect, but I wanted to explore CIO and keyboard input in assembly. KeyTest.s KeyTest.xex
  5. If it's any consolation, after I put the pin assignments and jumper connections I would need to make on paper and double checked everything I needed to do, I did all of the soldering work and replaced the resistors in about an hour. Worked on the first boot.
  6. One must always be careful! I didn't see anyone else mentioning it so I thought I would point it out.
  7. The cable I received in the box does not match all of the online documentation for the install. See the attached photo. If I have the green wire in the same position that it is in in the documentation on Lotharek's Lair, then I believe the mapping now becomes: Yellow Red Black Blue White Green (OLD) | | | | | | Black Red White Yellow Orange Green (NEW)
  8. Revised VBI. Works perfect! vbi_isr INC Counter ; increment timer by 1/60 sec LDA Counter CMP #$30 ; has half a second gone by? BCS SwapDL ; Yes -> so go swap the display lists JMP SYSVBV ; no -> do nothing and return SwapDL LDA #0 ; before swapping... STA Counter ; reset counter LDA sdlstl+1 ; get hi byte of current display list in use AND #1 ; if odd, we are on DL1 and result of operation non-zero BEQ ToDL1 ; If 0 -> switch to DL1 DEC sdlstl+1 ; using DL1, so switch to DL0 LDX #$7F ; Play "Tick" sound (loop takes ~1000 cycles, so safe here) Click0 STX CONSOL DEX BPL Click0 JMP SYSVBV ToDL1 INC sdlstl+1 ; on DL0, switch to DL1 LDX #$3F ; Play "Tock" sound (loop takes ~500 cycles) Click1 STX CONSOL DEX BPL Click1 JMP SYSVBV
  9. That is a great idea! Not a huge time saver in this application, but when there is more going on, very useful both in cycle count and reduced page zero footprint.
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