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  1. To be honest, I was afraid that the waiting time was related to HDMI licensing issues. But since the TI is already 40 years old, we are happy to wait for the F18Amk2. Is it possible to support the project? Greetings Axel
  2. Hans, now I am on your waiting list too. Thank you. Greetings Axel
  3. Some providers offer the possibility to share a project, for example PCBWAY or OSH Park. For example https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/tlkbFvs3 or https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/ Doing login, goto "Shared Projects", select something like "F18A", and put it to your basket. That´s it.... My problem is the files needed to populate the board with SMD components. The BOM and the file for SMD assembly - position and orientation. Yes I speak english but the instructions are too complex for me and my opportunity to translate english to german. So I need help to order the hole project with SMD Components already assembled. And if I ask for support here, everyone should benefit from it. Greetings Axel
  4. If there is any chance to get one. Please think of me ! Greetings Axel
  5. There are now many service providers who offer assembly in addition to the circuit board. Has anyone already had experience with it? For example aisler.net, PCBWAY, JLCPCB or OSH Park. It must be possible to prepare the information in such a way that the circuit board including assembly can be ordered. Then everyone should be satisfied, because then it only matters that the IC is available. Greetings Axel
  6. Hi, is there any chance to get a F18A for my TI99 ? I live in germany. Don't know where to buy it. Greetings Axel
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