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  1. Thank you gents, very helpful in getting a noob up to speed. I appreciate everyone's work on the ROMs!
  2. @Draxxon or anyone else... the CFW can be installed using the instructions from AtGames (that you so generously provided to me, as the page won't load for me)?? Thanks!! Steve
  3. Thank you!. I could download the firmware, just the instructions wouldn't download for me (tried 2 different days, two browsers - weird if it downloaded OK for you). Many thanks!
  4. New to the Flashbacks, but I had both the 2600 and 7800 back in the day. So I've dug around enough to know some of the pre-X models have custom ROMs, but they seem to be centered around adding games. I believe the X already has this capability via an OTG cable and USB stick - do I have that right? Are there any custom ROMs for the X Deluxe? If so do they functionally do anything? By functional, I mean beyond cosmetic such as changing menu wall paper. More like upgrading the version of Stella. On ATGames, there is a firmware update for the X Deluxe, but the instructions won't download - does anyone have a copy they could share? (I suspect my unit is already at latest firmware as I just bought it and the firmware is about a year old). Thanks for the help in getting me up to speed. Steve
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