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  1. I have looked in to cartridge's, and the simple fact is that they cost too much to produce in small quantities, hence my choice of cassette as a physical medium. Tapes are still fairly easy to get hold of, and are still quite cheap, as well as the cases. I know that a lot of Aquarius games came on cartridge, but quite a few were also released on cassette. My previous games are available from Cronosoft for around £6, and I expect Doomsday Defender to be about the same. A cart would be 3 to 4 times more expensive 🙁.
  2. My new game for the Aquarius will be out soon as a digital download and as a physical cassette via Cronosoft. DOOMSDAY DEFENDER . Your city has been invaded by giant alien motherships, which are launching alien fighters that are attacking your city! You must stop your city from being destroyed! Shoot the alien fighters before they destroy too much of your city. Avoid being shot by alien fire, and don't crash in to the alien fighters. Shoot the fighters, and if they leave behind a © token, then shoot that to extinguish some of the city fires. You gain points and energy for every fighter you shoot, but lose energy for every city fire. Watch out though, as the fighters have shields! If they turn yellow, your shot will be useless. If too much of your city is in flames, then your game is over. Changing the difficulty setting from NORMAL to HARD will change the city scape to the White House. The rules are the same, but this level is much harder to master! Look out for my other Aquarius games, both Aquariworm and Bomb Catcher 2 are available as downloads and as physical cassette releases!
  3. I have the modem program as a WAV... see attached. Hope this helps. AquariusTerminal.7z
  4. I have spent months repairing my Aquarius2. Now that she is operational, I thought that I would look at creating some software that was specific to this platform, rather than just an Aquarius game. I have already written and published a couple of new games for the Aquarius (Aquariworm and Bomb Catcher 2), so I thought about adapting one of those rather than starting from scratch... Well! A historic moment! Welcome to the FIRST and ONLY game for the Aquarius2! 😎😁💪 I have created a version of my Bomb Catcher 2 game that only runs on the Aquarius2, which I think is a world first! Granted.. the market is quite small 😆
  5. Ahh...... such memories of the running man, or Ralph as I have always called him. Great to see someone stepping in to the world of the wee blue key!
  6. Well..... I know of at least 2 cassette based games you dont have
  7. Thanks for the name correction! - Glad to see the list is coming along. A couple of corrections for my games, if thats ok. Aquariworm memory requirement is 8K, and BC2 has 3 versions on the one cassette (16K, 8K and 4K) 😃. If you are including 'unofficial' titles, then I also have Aquariworm and Bomb Catcher 2 on cart! (thanks to Jay!)
  8. Hi All. I finally decided to register with Atariage!! I'm glad i did (thank you Jay!). Some of you may be aware of my previous Aquarius game AQUARIWORM that was released last year on physical cassette tape via Cronosoft (the first commercial tape release for the Aquarius in over 35 years!)... Well, just yesterday my new Aquarius game BOMB CATCHER 2 was released! Again, as a physical cassette tape through Cronosoft!! Both Aquariworm and Bomb Catcher 2 are available to purchase from Cronosoft's main site for a very modest fee. I make no money for the sales, it all goes towards keeping the homebrew market alive, thanks to the awesome non-profit Cronosoft. I am a retro computer collector and restorer with over 100 machines (not inc dupes!) in my collection. The Aquarius was my first computer! and I still own it! I love writing games for the wee blue key underdog! Aquariworm is also available as a digital download (BC2 will follow suit) via itch.io and any donations go to the Centre for Computing History Museum in Cambridge. So if you want a couple of new games for your Mattel Aquarius.... then click the link! https://cronosoft.fwscart.com/MATTEL_AQUARIUS/cat5357733_4720275.aspx I'm hoping to code more games for the platform as time goes on, and I'm already working on a platform game.
  9. I have the thermal printer, but I also have the colour printer/plotter. Its not thermal, and uses small coloured pens and ink to draw on to standard paper.
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