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  1. Assuming A8 is an 800XL. This would solve your problem https://www.facebook.com/groups/atari8bitcomputers/permalink/3909842192386591/
  2. Looking at everyone else case mods it looks like i am the only one to mount it using the Hex Nuts through the 800XL case. Regardless i think for a 1st time case mod I did a pretty good job. Once again i cannot believe how good the image using SOFIA. So much so i am thinking i should mod my XEGS now too
  3. So what might sound a dumb question. What are the screws (and diameter) that are used to connect the DVI adapter to the case called? Once i have drilled the holes on my 800XL the included screws are work but they are only holding the adapter in place about 3mm. I would be way happier to put longer screws in (and yes i know not to over tighten for risk of shattering the plastic) BTW the Sophia 2 mod is incredible. It's like i am looking at the playing with a totally different machine. The colours just POP!
  4. I'm worried if i press down too hard it will damage the motherboard.
  5. It was a case of RTFM! the DVI input has a tiny 3.5mm audio in that wasn't next to the DVI socket. Once i found a 2 RCA to 3.5mm Y adapter all was working fine
  6. Just wanted to say that my 2 x Sofia 2's arrived into Australia and i had the chance to install one today. However i found that while my motherboard is socketed the SOFIA 2 board does not want to stay in place securely. It seems like the socket doesn't play nice with modern pins. I was wondering if anyone else had the same issue And lastly. How do you get sound out of the 800XL?? The images are STUNNING btw. This has to be the single best mod for an 8bit machine. Ever!
  7. Whatever is most compatible with recent software released like games, demos etc. I would imagine many of these would need more memory that stock and/or acceleration
  8. So what if you get if want extra memory and acceleration?
  9. This might sound like a dumb question But if i purchase the RAPIDUS it will include a 1 Meg Upgrade? I'm looking to pimp my 800XL and thinking of adding the RAPIDUS to my Sophia and SDrive Max TIA
  10. Hi Paul, I'd be interested If you are willing to ship to Australia. I get large boxes of graded comics from TX each month so shipping should be more than $US50 based on the slabs i purchase. My same name is on ebay for feedback as well
  11. For those that have ordered in the past. Whats the next steps after registering an expression of interest?
  12. FWIW. I find its faster to buy and ship items from the UK and EU than it ship domestically in Australia at the moment. Try working that out!
  13. Hi, I am a recent 800xl owner and if these are still available to order i would love one. Thanking you!
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