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  1. Hi All. This is not any code I have written. I need some one to send me the program so I can see what it is trying to do or if it is a virus program. Also Because of lance ringquest I do not support any version of SpartaDos 3.3 a,b,c,d. My Ramdisk programs and tdline2 will work with all versions of spartaDos I have been a bit sick lately but I do have some cool stuff for realdos on its way. Take care Steve
  2. Hi Marius I have a bit more work to do on it but once I bring all 8 nodes on the internet RealDOS & TCPIPExpress will be shareware..the shareware cost will not cost anyone nothing more than an e-mail. I have a bunch of Atari Slave equipment too build so for the most part the TCPIPExpress will cost you nothing more than an e-mail. Stephen J. Carden
  3. Thank You mike and the rest of you. Your kind words are why the Atari 8-bit is so strong. Thank You all! Stephen J. Carden
  4. Hi All! Yes I am still alive. Thank you for the very kind posts. I have not been active on any computer due to the forced windows 10 on my Windows 7 Laptops by MicroSnot. When MicroSnot trashed 3 of my 4 laptops I turned all my Computer equipment off. That was August 2018. Then Tammy and I sent to Maui for a Month and renewed our Marriage vows. Several of my Atari friends talked me into getting busy again with the Atari. I was not going to reload Windows 7 or windows of any version on the internet. I am now using Linux Mint for internet usage. Since my wife Passed away in 12/21/2019 I have needed something to pass my time away. I was getting bored with tv anyway. I also have a new e-mail address. [email protected] I spent 44 days in the Hospital Burn Ward in April/May 2019 I have a real Hard time getting around from all the surgery I had on my left Knee, I have also had so many operations on both my hips that I can not remember how many time my hips had surgery. I am still able to walk a bit. I live alone but I have people who check on me and do things for me. But as I was reading the messages I have missed I think I have found a way to make the new SDX and RealDos to both work with the MyIDE to work for you who want to use that hardware. First lets Talk about RealDos. Just Boot RealDos holding down one of the consol keys and select the Multiplexer Siov. Now for SDX. You need to go to Trub's web site download this off is web site: http://sdx.atari8.info/sdx_files/muxsdx.txt modify the config.sys like you were using a multiplexer. Then SDX will use the siov from the OS and not the internal SDX one. Do not make all the changes that a Multiplexer system needs. you just need to make sure that you are using the OS siov. The RealDos MUX Siov is the same one that is in SpartaDos 3.3a. While I have not tried this, it should work. I got pissed off trying to fix the problems with the MYIDE hardware that I tossed it into the trash. Had I backed away from the project I would have realized how to fix it. Those of you that have the necessary hardware please let me know if it works. This should work. The menu that RealDos selecting the Mux Siov uses the same Driver as SpartaDos 3.3a. by setting up the Updated SDX to think it is running a Mux should use the siov in the OS. That is unless Trub moved the Mux Siov into the Cart but I do not think he did that. Anyone that has the hardware please let me know if this works. For myself I do not like the way the MyIde maps into the Atari or the OS software or the lack of that is. But as a developer if I can fix something I should for the users that look up to the Programmers and Hardware designers. Thanks and take care all! Stephen J. Carden
  5. I have had them in my 1050's since 1985. I had it up on my bbs, web site. it just seemed like a good time to post it here. hay if you have the time could you post some pictures for everyone. Thanks! Steve
  6. Hi All! There is a very cool and easy to do Hardware upgrade. You can do this to all of your 1050 Disk Drives. This provides the same function as turning the drive off and back on. My 1050 disk drive upgrade. This 1050 Disk Drive Reset Upgrade works with: Stock 1050 Drive Happy 1050 Drive Duplicator 1050 Drive Super Archiver 1050 Drive ICD US Doubler 1050 Drive Mega Speedy 1050 Drive Speedy 1050 Drive I have this upgrade in all of the 1050 Disk Drives I own. If you have a 1050 Disk drive with a different 1050 Disk drive upgrade than I have listed here. This upgrade should still work for you. Please let me know. I have always been more please with an upgrade that has been tested with hardware. This upgrade should work on any 1050 Disk Drive regardless of hardware that has been added. The 1050 Drive Reset Hardware Upgrade: You need good soldering skills to do this drive Upgrade You assume all responsibility for this 1050 drive upgrade Hardware needed 1.) One Normally open push button. 2.) Two 8 inch pieces of 22 gauge wire. 3.) Pen 4.) Note Pad Tools needed 15 Watt Soldering Iron 4 or 6 inch #2 Phillip screw driver Hardware Upgrade Task Please read and understand upgrade before you install it. - Turn off 1050 Disk Drive you want to upgrade - Remove Power connection - Turn Drive over and remove all 6 Phillips head screws. - Remove The TOP half of 1050 case - Carefully Remove Drive Mech. *** Please take note of all the Drive Mech Connectors and write them down in the place and orientation so you can put them back.*** - First solder both pieces of wire to each leg of the push button. - Then mount the Push Button to a place on your 1050. (make sure it does not get into the movement of your drive mech) - Find the 555 timer on your 1050 drive pcb board. It is the only 8 pin chip on the 1050 pcb *** Note: If you have an upgraded 1050 the 555 chip could be under you drive enhancement*** *** Note: I have installed my drive reset to the underside of my 1050 drives*** - Now solder one wire from your Push Button Switch to Pin 2 of the 555 timer - Now solder the other wire from your Push Button switch to Pin 8 of the 555 Timer. - Please be certain that you have installed your wires to pin 2 and 8. - Please be certain to check again, that you have installed your wires to pin 2 and 8. I do not know what would happen to your drive it you get this wrong, So to be certain you have it right. - Return Drive Mech - Reconnect Drive Mech Connectors from you notes. - Go and test your drive before you reassemble - Finnish putting your case back together -wheee you are done. Let me know how this works for you. Enjoy! Stephen J. Carden
  7. no. the only difference is they burned is MIKE G burned it into an 128k cart. the program is small enough to run on an 8k cart.
  8. There are two version of that file. one is the com file used to test the mio should your ramdisk do crazy things that is why it is part of the construction set. The Rom can be used in the SDX cart or Atari 8k cart. that is use since a cart boots first after the os. that is mio a just don't work but the atari does. Be damn carefull with this program. you can trash your scsi hardisk. You do a read write test to your mio scsi attached hd you will lose your info. you assume all damage to your data running this at the wrong time on your Harddisk. I do not provide ROM images of that file to anyone.
  9. this is because the MIO Rom menu is in sbyte and copied to screen ram. You should learn how to code. Steve
  10. Another program that was not made to run with an update to the dos. As soon as I get a chance I will fix it. I will have to create source then change the compiler type. Then re assemble it. I will fix it so that it will run with RealDos all versions and Spartados 3.3a,b,c,d since I did the update to drive 9 and the other cool stuff. Steve.
  11. Hi all! Check out my Ramdisk upgrade. I have been using this upgrade since 1997. http://www.realdos.net/576kxe battery backed.html Stephen J. Carden
  12. Hello Mike how are you doing

  13. I have some updated software that will allow TCPIPExpress to run on the internet. I have a lot of hardware to build but I will be bringing all 8 node. 6 of them on the internet one with a real dial up modem and the 8 node will be for my personal use. incase you are wondering I wrote BBS Express Professional version beyond 2.1a Stephen J. Carden
  14. When CrazyBonz and I built our first AKI we fouse many software bugs in the scan code for USA keyboards one of the bug that was really bad was when you pressed the "." you would get the comma. The is when I redid the pic software and we now call it the KRH. But here is my point there are several keyboards that will plug right into the pc port of the AKI or KRH and work fine. Some of these keyboards also work in USB mode. I have a Kensington keyboard that hooks right in and work in wireless mode. at the moment there pc keyboard to atari hardware going back to the mid 80's. here is a list of the hardware I know about. Transkey made in the mid 1980's AKI which is a good upgrade. KRH our version of the AKI with fixed US keyboard scancodes. KRH2 TransKey II TranskeyII for the Atari Game System. Mike was nice enough to build me a transkeyII that also has Dual Pokey, and Switch in it. I was up on Lotharek Web site and I saw he now has some keyboard versions. I still want to see what you code up with so do not give up. Make it happen. Stephen J. C arden
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