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  1. Aha! So, Amico game boxes could have lenticular artwork on them? I like the sound of this; the effect can look really impressive!
  2. I'm thinking along the lines that there could be a delay to the launch date; at least for the bulk of shop/retail console deliveries. I kinda feel that the lack of further talk about that 10 October date and no date being mentioned in the E3 presentation is an indicator that Intellivision are probably having a tough time sourcing the components required. Of course, this isn't a criticism of the Intellivision team and I can imagine that they're working extremely hard to get things ready for launch. Like all folk here, I want to see the system arrive and be a big success but, right now, I get the impression that we're going to have to wait for longer than expected. This is all pure speculation on my part, of course - I'd love to be proved wrong and to join in the celebrations if things are all lining up for October!
  3. With Tommy and the Intellivision team releasing the terrific cover artwork for Moon Patrol... hey, I was excited to add it to the imaginary game box series! I know that the game cases and format are going to be a bit different to this but making the designs just keeps my enthusiasm going in the run-up to launch :-).
  4. I go along with the thinking that all questions and thoughts on Amico are welcome here; as long as it's done in a respectful and coherent way, of course! I'd imagine that, generally, folk who post here are pretty big fans of the Amico and so naturally there is a positive and optimistic bias. Even so, it's not wrong - in my eyes - to present questions and the one around hitting the October launch date would seem to be a valid concern at this point. We know about the component supply issues and we have seen that console colours are being tweaked in recent weeks. With around four months left to resolve the tech sourcing challenges, make the final casings, put together the consoles, finalise the software, build the physical game editions and ship everything out to retailers... although we all want the console to make that October launch date and are cheering on the Intellivision team, the timeline feels tight even from my "outsider" perspective.
  5. >>> Breaking news! <<< The new physical media versions of Amico games have been posted up by Amazon Germany! Each is shown with a pre-order price of €17.99 and a release date of 8 October. The games are listed as "code in a box" - I suspect that Amazon may not have a category for RFID technology. Each game has some screenshots and with more in the main product description. I've posted the game logos and a few example shots on my Twitter feed - I don't *think* I can post Twitter here but I'll try an example link - I hope this is okay! https://mobile.twitter.com/totalamico/status/1400346207629807624
  6. Whilst sat thinking about what the new Amico game boxes may be like, I updated my previous case design for a game that I'm excited for... Night Stalker! It's the second title in the imaginary Action Range :-).
  7. Ah! This is intriguing! I'm now thinking that the Amico game cases may possibly have something like an embossed finish on the case; a slightly raised plastic surface with the coloured artwork? This sounds amazing but I don't know if it's possible at the price point? I can't wait until we can see actual examples! For my mock-up, I thought the dark blue could represent the "Action Range", with other colours used for other types of game - similar to the original Intellivision box style back in the day (although I didn't own the system myself!). This approach could deliver a colourful but co-ordinated style; with the Amico logo remaining a constant colour on the top-right of the box to aid uniformity and recognition. I have colour blindness though so I do sometimes struggle with identifying differing shades. Is there a reference available for the "Amico blue" colour? I'd thought that the blue/green colour I'd used was it but I could well be wrong :-). Anyhow... yeah, I'm definitely excited for when we can see the real boxes!
  8. I'm looking forward to seeing what form the Amico physical games take and, inspired by the excellent new artwork released by Intellivision for the upcoming Biplanes game, I had fun designing a game case.
  9. I think you're right about dates being changed and emails automatically popping out, GrudgeQ. I just looked and Amazon UK are now saying the console launch date is 7 October! I wonder if the Sunday release day may be a small factor in this; it's quite unusual for a gaming product to launch on that day. I guess we just sit tight and the official 10 October release date will be applied nearer the time :-).
  10. I have got an email from Amazon (UK) indicating that my Amico console pre-order will be delayed. It's a little odd as the delay is minimal (just one day - I think the target delivery date was originally 12 October; two days after the official launch date) but I am a wee bit cautious as I was one of the folk who originally had their pre-order cancelled by Amazon UK. I guess that this was an automated email message but I wonder why they are advising of a small delay?
  11. Good spot, justclaws! I noticed that the Amico console and controller storage bags are up for pre-order on Amazon Germany, too: Console bag €28.99. Controller sleeve $16.99. There are a few of the controller vinyl packs ($14.99] available, too, such as: My initial take... I like the console and controller bags whilst I'm not so keen on the controller vinyls! I've checked on Amazon UK but these items don't appear to be listed there yet.
  12. I really enjoyed that second vid from Cyrus; it was good to hear his thoughts on the event and games from right across the day. The controller looks to be well-built and it seems that a wide range of folk quickly got to grips with it. Cyrus indicated that everyone seemed to genuinely enjoy the games on show and, to me, it feels like momentum is starting to build now. We still have six months before launch but I'd imagine that this time is gonna go pretty quick; pre-order sales seem to be going well and most of those initial thirty or so games will be in the polishing stage for the next month or two. Electrical component sourcing will probably be challenging right through the coming few months but Intellivision appear to be on top of that with the launch date being set. Overall things are looking good right now and this first big gaming event for Amico was a great window for us fans to look in on.
  13. Great to see these first impressions and vids arriving from folk who were able to join the Amico event at the National Videogame Museum in Texas. Cyrus Martin has also posted a short vid showcasing his experience of the day. These reports really are making me more excited for the October launch!
  14. Yes! Brilliant news! Thanks very much, Tommy and all of the Intellivision team 🙂 . I've just placed my pre-order with Amazon UK and I'm now really looking forward to the launch!
  15. That's great to hear! Hopefully we'll soon be able to place our orders again :-).
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