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  1. Regarding Tempest, do you think they would: (a) Commission a proper dedicated version for their console; OR (b) Simply half ass it by running the PC version in an emulation mode?
  2. I'm definitely picking this up, it looks like it'll be amazing. I highly recommend watching this video - it's an Irish guy who got into flightsim with the original Sublogic flight sim, and went on to become a pilot instructor IRL. He's been playing the new MS flightsim and seems to confirm that it's something rather amazing.
  3. I have thought of maybe revisiting Sheep in Space in some way for the Minotaur Arcade series, but if I do it'll likely be something geometrically peculiar in VR rather than anything that'd sit well on a posh Gameboy with a handle.
  4. Can't see myself developing on this thing to be honest. Given that my design style is high-colour psychedelia, a B&W display doesn't really appeal, crank or no crank.
  5. Yeah it looks pretty cool in action. The display isn't perfect - if you go too far off-axis the effect starts to break down, and it takes some grunt to drive it - we're using a 5yo PC with an i5 and a 1070, which is quite a budget for playing simple games like Gridrunner and Goatup. We actually render 32 1024x2048 views into an 8kx8k render target per frame which then goes through a further shader for presentation to the display optics. Purely experimental stuff at this point (although if anyone has the Looking Glass display and buys a copy of MAv1 following our upcoming update adding support for more VR headsets, it'll be supported). Not much call for lightfield stuff yet but that may change when more advanced HMDs become available, and this was a good opportunity for us to bake support for such things into our engine to be ready if and when that happens .
  6. Whereas rendering for VR requires rendering 2 views per frame, rendering for this thing requires at minimum more than 30 views per frame. Minotaur Arcade Vol. 1 works fine on it though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZ6UgqR06Dw
  7. Incidentally on some forums I've seen speculation that perhaps Atari themselves aren't aware of this old game and/or in some way they don't care about its copyright. I can tell you definitively that that isn't the case as I had reason not long ago to have a good nose through Atari's exhaustive list of "Stuff That We Own" and Akka Arrh is right there. Personally I think the rom's release is a positive thing - I love arcade history and do find it very interesting to see prototypes and things that never made it out or which were radically different in development, and I honestly don't think the availability of a ROM will in any way affect the value of the old cabs themselves - there are still only three. And hell if he ever does want to sell one maybe he'd actually find more interest amongst potential purchasers now there's all this extra interest about the game. I've had half an eye out for Akka Arrh for a while now - the screenshots intrigued me, with the pleasing lotus/mandala structures on the first screen and the zoom in to blasty action on the second one. Only a month ago I was looking for a video of gameplay and came up empty. Now I've seen video and look forward to trying the ROM in due course and finally get to play a game that's intrigued me for years. It's a long way to go to California Extreme from Wales.
  8. Ended up picking up TP and the Konami bundle, both pretty nice. Good to be able to set up Nemesis and Vulcan Venture with shoot and bomb on the same button and with autofire, in this day and age unless I'm playing on a proper cab I can't be arsed to have to keep tapping a button all the time when I'm playing a game. Dunno why we got Life Force instead of Salamander in the EU region since every version of the game I ever encountered in the wild over here was Salamander. In general these old games are ideal for a quick handheld blast. My only complaint is that between the various brief compilations and individual Arcade Archive ones I end up with loads of them scattered about in my list of games and ideally I'd like them accregated into one easily navigable collection, but I guess you can't have everything you want. Oh forgot to mention: the arcade I played TP in was this place: https://www.arcadeclub.co.uk/ Which is pretty fantastic, covers a lot of scope from ancient to modern, you can spend a very enjoyable day there playing your old favourites as they were intended to be played. I was fortunate enough to be invited to a meetup there and had the excellent good fortune to meet Larry DeMar there (of Vid Kidz fame) and spent a good evening in the bar with him chatting Robotron and Defender and basically being a bit of a fanboy I'm afraid. Good times .
  9. ooh I love me some Time Pilot. Played it at the arcade at the start of February and got through all the levels and halfway round again, best I have done for ages and much better than I usually do on emulation. Can't beat the real thing. But nonetheless I shall probably spring for a Switch version.
  10. any good? straight ports or enhanced? Might pick it up if it's not awful.
  11. Ah right, I'm playing handheld and I didn't think to use the dinky dpad buttons on the joycon as they fall a bit below where my thumb usually sits. Now I can play those driving games how my brain expects . Cheers .
  12. Bought this today - via a little dance and the US eshop, since Atari in their infinite wisdom haven't released it in Europe yet. Really liking it so far, the vector games in particular come up looking really nice, I can never get them just how I'd like them in MAME; this is much closer. Be sure to take Thrust off joystick up and put it back on a separate button as God and Nature intended though if you value your sanity. Particularly enjoying the two linked ships version of Space Duel, a tricky option that I have always enjoyed for personal, masochistic reasons. Selection seems decent, inevitably a few that won't see a lot of action (can't see many playing Basic Maths for any other reason than to get the achievement for trying everything). Nice to have a bunch of old favourites all in one place on a decent display, set up right and with decent controls. The controls in the driving games puzzle me though. I'm used to stick left/right turning my car to its left/right. The controls in this... aren't that. Still trying to work out what they actually are. Weirder than Time Pilot. Doubtless I'll be having fun with this during conscious moments during the upcoming festives.
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