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  1. Hey Guys, pretty new member here - but long time Atari user. I have just started trying out the emulator and it seems pretty impressive - I have fiddled with atari800 but want to attach a real 1050 and also make a real paddle (or at least a rotary potentiometer) work - from what I read this should work much better with atari++, but I will still have to try that. Anyways so far: Great work, thanks for all the effort and sharing! Compiling on my Laptop (Debian 9) worked "out of the box" - so "./configure && make" did the job! However the PI challenged me slightly, so I thought I share for others. The compile process also worked with a few warnings. However I could not start the executable. After long time trying different releases and a lot of googling, I found this post and that finally got me in the right direction! Just wanted to confirm that for running atari++ on the Raspberry Pi (I tried on a 3) I have to provide ./atari++ -FrontEnd SDL -Sound SDL Maybe that would be helpful to include in the Manual section of the atari++ homepage? (The same with the download for 1.83 from official page and also tried with the file provided in last post) But now to my question - since I do not have a mouse on my raspberry, I encountered the next obstacle (- nothing too bad and I think I can work without the gui and only use commandline options): Once I start the menu, I can navigate with the cursor keys and one time I seem to be able to use RETURN as mouseclick. However after being in a sub menu only moving the mouse cursor works with keyboard but I cannot not confirm any selection anymore - so basically leaving me stuck and helpless ;-). Is there a trick to do that or is this maybe a bug? Thanks again, stay safe!
  2. Thank you so much - now it worked like a charm. Very impressed by the project. Keep up the great work
  3. Hi again, tried with more roms - 64kiB worth and also a whole bunch ~700 something kiB but same effect, blue screen in endless loop. I checked my firmware is 1.1.0 wifi I even renamed all roms to have only 8.3 chars. Any other suggestions?
  4. Ah cool - thnx for the quick reply, will give that a try!
  5. Hi everyone, Brand new user here - just received my pluscart and what can I say that hasn't been said before: awesome project! Biggest respect for all contributing folks! Works perfectly, could play a lot of well remembered games and even more forgotten ones. Just one problem on my side maybe someone can point me in the right direction: I have signed up for the plus store, have my Nextcloud space setup - the card is connected, I have the mirrored files on my PC, I can play all online Games, I can also see games I put in the "My Roms" folder and play them - so I think the connection is all correct. When I have no roms in the Offline folder no option to download is shown, when I add some (I put 2x2k roms in there to try) the "Download offline ROMs" gets visible! But then when I activate this - sometimes the screen flashed a little sometimes not - everytime I get stuck in a blue screen with that turning symbol in endless loop. I even let it run for 2 hours straight but I guess it shouldn't take that long. I even tried to tar the two files first but no difference (also not sure if tar only or gzip....) Having offline games obviously is not the most important thing, but I would still like a few just in case I end up in place with no wifi but the need to play like it's 1980.... So any hint appreciated, but that doesn't make the cart any less impressive. Thanks, Ralph
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