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  1. Havok69


  2. I stopped bothering with the Flashbacks after 2. It's basically just the same thing over and over again. Not worth it to me. I'll probably pick up a portable, but that's it. Now what would really get me excited is a console that runs actual arcade roms, like a Mame system. I already have Mame running in an actual arcade cabinet, but it would be cool to have something to plug into the tv for occasional use. Let's face it, the console ports of arcade games suck. I like some of the original stuff, but anything that is a copy of the arcade, meh.
  3. What's that smell?

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      There's somethin' happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear.

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      Whiskey bottles, brand new cars..

  4. Current status: hacking Flashback 2

    1. GoldLeader


      Adding a cartridge slot?

  5. Thanks for the great information guys. Sounds like your adapter is an excellent value option if you only want joysticks, which is primarily what I would want anyways.
  6. Reviving an older thread, but would this work with paddle controllers as well?
  7. Mikey does NOT like everything!

    1. Ransom


      I know! Did you see what he did to that puppy?

  8. I wonder how hard it would be to de-case this and put it in a regualr Flashback case? then solder in the buttons and a serial connection for the joystick? Hmmmm....
  9. Wait! I figured it out. The new product is.... Atari Video Music... Portable! with SD card! And 6 buttons!
  10. So, yeah, late to the party as usual. I bought a Flashback 2 shortly before they came out with the 3, with the intention of doing the cartridge mod. And then of course, never did it. I played with it a while and threw it in the closet. Fast forward to now - I just picked up the awesome book "Art of Atari" which of course brought waves of nostalgia and a renewed interest in 2600 games. I have the parts, but upon opening the flashback unit up, I have a newer, smaller board. Attached are a few pics. I don't have a black wire, and there is a surface mount resistor soldered on at J9. Also, do I connect J24? Before I go and ruin the thing, I'm hoping Curt or someone who has done the newer board mod can chime in. I apologize in advance if this has been covered in another thread, but I did try and search for it, but only came up with Batari asking the same thing waaay back in the day and he never got a response. Thanks for any help!
  11. Want more than one item? Make me an offer!
  12. A bit off topic as far as sales go, however all proceeeds will be used to purchase Atari\Gaming supplies... All games and Blu-Rays are $5, DVDs are $3. 10 Minute Trainer Pack is $20. Here's the list: Blu-Rays: Transformers Dark of the Moon Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan Star Trek IV The Voyage Home Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country Star Trek VIII First Contact DVD's: Star Trek The Motion Picture; Director's Edition Escape from New York Games: Tron Evolution Star Trek Legacy The shipping will depend on how many items you want; I'll be boxing these up so they get to you safely. Everything is virtually pristine, except for the First Contact case which has a small indentation on the front and the 10 Minute Trainer cardboard cover - it's definitely worn, but holds everything just fine. Here's some pictures:
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