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  1. Hi, Do you sell modified Atari Jaguar pro controllers with the clicky D pad? If so can I buy one? Thank you
  2. Isn't there anyone who wants to have a proper dust flap for there Atari Jaguar console? I mean one that is reasonably priced?
  3. Don't insult my intelligence dust flap dreams. 🙂 No I ron't think so.
  4. He said he doesn't need it. Read the post. Facetious? 🙂
  5. Can you please put in a picture, once you have done work on your Jaguar with making the dust flap?
  6. Can you send a picture when you have done it please.
  7. That's alright I thought someone might care, and take the next step. All other brand of consoles have dust flaps. Anyway.
  8. Come on guys someone has to be able to make a custom dust flap for the Jaguar. I'm sure we would all buy one if it was created. I'm asking can someone build one?
  9. If you have to modify the Jaguar shell that's fine. I'm sure people would want to have a quality spring dust flap.
  10. If you leave the cart in the Jaguar for very extended periods of time the cart pins stretch... this will damage the console. I hope someone decides to make a custom dust flap for the Jaguar.
  11. Don'r you think people would want to make there Jaguar keep dust out, with a proper moulded duat flap?
  12. No guys I mean a proper dust flap like the Sega Mega Drive or Nintendo 64... What do you guys think? Do you think it will ever be created?
  13. I think there would be a market making a dust flap for the Jaguar. Do you guys know of anyone that could do this? I think a good idea would be a flap that could sit in the slot and maybe be secured with some self-adhesive. Someone has to have a better idea or making one. Someone needs to think up of a way to make a dust flap for the Jaguar.
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