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  1. Opsss, just noticed the original post posted after waiting for Account authorisation! Dead or stuck on the Boot screen is probably Acid damage from a leaky Capacitor! Dead if not the fuse is more likely C41 leaked and damaged track to pin 20 under the ROM or C41 damaged track to FB4. Could also be Cap C43 that's leaked and damaged Track to IC1 pins 153 - 155 which normally causes the CD to be stuck on the Logo Screen. Either way you will need a powerful Microscope and good Solder skills! repaired so many of these and have the equipment, even built a nice Interconnect to test Boards while powered up 🙂 Weller WR2 De-solder Station makes easy work in replacing Bios ROMS. Built a nice test Loom makes testing a lot easier! Here's the latest badly Acid damaged CD I managed to bring back to life again after major damage repair 🙂
  2. This problem is none of the above!! You have a broken track from either C41 that has damaged a trace to IC4 or C43 that has damaged a track to IC2 or even under C43, or could also be a bad Trace from C48 thats damaged a trace to FB17! You need a powerful Microscope to repair these and good soldering skills!! I repair these all the time! [email protected]
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