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  1. So I did some more troubleshooting, I happened to have another one of the same universal PSU's as I had one in my bin of spare's that I got with a SNES jr a while back and that powered the Jaguar as well. I found a third 1602 and ended up splicing the connector of the universal PSU to the 1602 to see if that would power the unit and got nothing on the Jaguar but the Genesis powered up just fine with it. I did open the unit and believe some work has been done on it. I did not see the last part of your post about avoiding use of the universal PSU until I had done much of this troubleshooting. I have read about issues with voltage regulators and I'm curious if that may be the issue. I am at a bit of a loss at this point. Would anyone know of someone that I can ship the unit out to to get it looked at? Thanks again for all of your help on this.
  2. Yeah, when oakcity had mentioned to look at the barrel plugs I did find that the length is slightly longer on the metal piece for the universal psu vs that of the Jaguar and Genesis. That makes sense and It is a modern switching psu my brother had picked it up when he got the unit as it didn’t have a power supply then. I am guessing it is a worn out port as well. I took a picture below. On the right is the universal and to the left of that is the OEM Jaguar supply. Thanks for the help on this Crossbow.
  3. To answer your other question I never did test the universal with my model 1. So tried it now and it powers on just fine. Here is a picture of all three psu’s
  4. Hello and thanks for the reply got to check polarity and the first image is for the universal psu (9v) and the second for the Jaguar psu (12v) the third is for Genesis 1602 (13v). I’ve read that it’s okay for them to be in that range but not certain.
  5. That is reassuring to hear, also have an M series myself and that is what I hear. I'll check polarity tomorrow when I can get to my multimeter and will post once more if there is any variance. Appreciate the assistance.
  6. Now that I am looking at it I think that may be the case, it seems to be off by a little less than a mm. Thanks for your help!
  7. Hello, Thanks for the reply. Yes I have my copy of Tempest in while testing, contacts are clean as the unit immediately powers on when I swap the power supply to the universal one. The issue just seems to be limited to both my 1602's and the OEM Jaguar power supply that I received in the mail today.
  8. Hello all, My brother is shrinking his collection and gifted me his Jaguar along with some games and a universal power supply. I have truly been enjoying the games on the system (Tempest, Raiden and Cybermorph). During gameplay I noticed a whistling sound which is coming from the unit. After some searching through the forum I found that this is something that occurs with earlier versions of the console. I grew accustomed to the noise but wanted to pick up an official power supply. So the power supply arrived today and I plug it in and the system does not power on. On the forum it was stated that a Sega 1602 power supply will work to power on the unit. I have two separate Model one's with 1602 power supplies both of which I tested and worked on my Genesis but not on the Jaguar. I went one step further and used the Jaguar PSU on my Genesis and it also powered on. So I am still using the universal PSU for now and was curious if anyone has experienced this before or has any troubleshooting tips? Thanks!
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