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  1. This is great! I can't fire in Stella, and the turtle kills me, but the music, looks, and gameplay are awesome!
  2. It's very challenging for me, but I like it!
  3. Still not working, and looks about the same, but I added code to do backtracking and to check for done, and also added some pfcolor debugging. maze2e.bas maze2e.bas.bin
  4. More progress, but still not close. maze2d.bas maze2d.bas.bin
  5. Associated comic first page draft. Not sure whether I'll finish it, or leave it as-is.
  6. 1.0 Release: Bigger cheetah starting at level 16. Biggest cheetah at level 45 and 46. Fixed width of player after lose or win. After you escape from the Abyssmal, it says you won. monthra_i_1.0.bas monthra_i_1.0.bas.bin
  7. Changes: Can press button to refill time limit on boss map, but it pushes you back if you use it for too long. Cheetah faces player. monthra_0.7.bas monthra_0.7.bas.bin
  8. Added: Time limit. 4 lives. Changed: Set score font to alarmclock. monthra_0.6.bas monthra_0.6.bas.bin
  9. Changes: Increased difficulty of jumping. Allow customized background color. Added space to title before I. monthra_0.5.bas monthra_0.5.bas.bin
  10. Fixed: Score display. Improved: Difficulty switches enable sensors that zap the player on x and y axis. monthra_0.4.bas monthra_0.4.bas.bin
  11. Just did a complete playthrough, using start-jumps and completing all the "boss map" levels.
  12. I found a trick to get past the non-boss levels. I don't know if it's a bug or a neat level-jumping trick. Even with that I can only get to what is called "24" but is the 5th boss map.
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