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  1. No, I just tried it and unfortunately it doesn't ask to configure controls.
  2. No good. I just tried the original version with the same results.
  3. Odd, maybe my phone used HDR in the video or something. It is connecting and displays fine. Just can not use the ALU controls. Ok, I took out the memory card and turned it on and the alu controls work. Turn it off, plugin the memory card with the Flashback Ultimate, back on and no control.
  4. I tried, I'm thinking maybe its the hdmi thats not allowing me to work it with the control panel. 20210928_172053.mp4
  5. You are right. I've made a few UCEs with Atari 5200 games, and Sega 32X. The 32X plays at not quite full speed and the sound is VERY choppy. I don't recall how the 5200 games played, its been awhile. And they haven't done much that I've noticed with some of the homebrew 2600 stuff like you have.
  6. But then again, MOST of these games can be played on the ALU with addon, addonx, and coinopsx.
  7. I totally agree. Trackball and spinner are requirements for me. Shame they left out the spinner on the ultimate mini, otherwise i like the idea of it having a rotating screen. Now if the Legends Gamer Pro supports APL, that would be nice. Then it might be possible to add the spinner on certain models from bits I've read.
  8. I have seen AtGames has a prototype they are working for a Legends Ultimate Racer that will include their upcoming legends connect 2 board with possible multi monitor output.
  9. Will we need to delete the ws folder then before adding the .21 update?
  10. Looking Great! I like the layered navigation. Curious, how well do the 32x games play on there?
  11. Don't know if this will help, but here is the core that is used to get the Daphne games running on Legends Ultimate. daphne_libretro_20201001.rar
  12. I would think it's possible IF they are in cue/bin format. But you might have to have a separate entry for each disc, just like the games.
  13. Here is a set of alternate small art for the Atari 7800 roms in Nexus. Nexus 7800 Alt small Art.rar
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