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  1. it runs with the js99er.net java emulator. Load the BIN using the LOAD CART option and make sure the F18A is selected under the OPTIONS menu. I also have the PC Keyboard enabled allowing the use of the directional keys, TAB is fire. Recall that the DOWN key up and the UP key is down.
  2. Fred, You're awesome. I don't believe the people working on the TI project back in 1981 were ever thinking that the 99er was still to be around and used 40 years in the future. They had no vision I suppose.
  3. Fred, Thanks for the providing the reason why and also the links into using your loader. I'm not up to speed with all of the new software and how things are now being done when it comes to the Editor Assembly stuff after a 35 plus year hiatus. There's a lot of catching up to do. I appreciate what you have done in pointing in the right direction. Furthermore, I am looking forward into the new version of EA5 that will eventually support the SAVE MEMORY IMAGE option. Cheers, Roger
  4. Not on my Windows 10 system as everything is chopped up and blocky but it does work fine on the real TI99/4A hardware.
  5. I was not able to get to run on Classic99, but it does run on the real TI99/4A with F18A v1.9.
  6. Fred, I tried using the Editor Assembly V BIN from the FinalGrom99 and discovered that under Option 3 - Load and Run, it will not display the characters of the program name for the SAVE MEMORY IMAGE file name after entering of the separate object filenames. When I type the filename for the SAVE MEMORY IMAGE at the bottom of the screen (see attached screenshot), no characters are displayed below the ENTER FILE NAME? at the bottom of the screen. Instead there is only a cursor and a single character that is displayed at the top left hand corner of the screen, seems like screen location (1, 1). Pressing enter after typing the full name results in BAD FILE NAME below the STATUS: line. In fact this same error exists for any of the previous versions of the EA BIN files between EA II right up to EA V. I went back to the real EA cartridge or use the FW4.1 or FW4.4 EA modules in order to link the object files. BTW, this error happens with either the SAVE or SAVE2. Not being well versed in disassembling, I'm not sure where to begin to fix this problem. It appears that the filename to create the program image is not being recognized whatsoever. FYI, the rest of the EA options all work on all versions. Cheers Roger
  7. By the number of downloads so far, it is apparent others have tried the latest version as well.
  8. Yest, the fire button works on the old and tired TI joysticks.
  9. Has anyone been able to redefine the cursor in c99rel4? I've tried using inline assembly within my c99 code and no luck. It appears that the cursor definition pattern is never read or at least no read where it is saved in the VDP ram. BTW, I've been compiling the c99 code into a EA option 5 program file using the EA modules provided on FinalGrom99. When I compile the assembly code by itself without any c99 code, the cursor re-definition works. It appears there's some issue with the way c99 is compiled and assembled into a EA option 5 program file.
  10. Yes, it works!!!!! Thanks for the fix.
  11. Which firmware of F18A is it being tested on? I tried the demo with version F18A v1.9 and the sprites are large and blocky, the screen is mostly scrambled. Has anybody else tried with v1.9. BTW, it does the same thing on Classic99.
  12. I tried it with the original MD, ME and MF files and it works great. Thank you so much for revising the SAVE utility. I need to look at the difference between both *.a99 codes and see what changes were made. I'ts been such a long time since I've worked with the assembly code. Like I said earlier, I have a lot of catching up to do. Again, thanks Fred. You're a master TI developer.
  13. Thanks Fred, you are quick in resolving these issues. A tip of my hat to you. Cheers
  14. I will reinstall XP from scratch together with SP3 and see if it fixes my problem. Thanks
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