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  1. And now I know why I'm not able to create the directories under a TI-99/4A setup, HDR4000B simply doesn't support it. Just wondering if the TI99/4A works with the IDE card, then why not with the HDR4000B. I suspect it's related to legacy code that goes back to the original HRD design. We can only hope that a future ROS release will include directory/sub-directory support.
  2. That's great news. Looking forward to it. Thanks
  3. Well, it's good to know that others also had the same issue. Regardless, whether it's a bug or not, going forward all of my directory and sub-directory names will not include those characters as it does play havoc with listing those directories and sub-directories on Ti99Dir when viewing them from an image file.
  4. With my setup, I have the IDE card at >1000 and the HRD4000B at >1500. On the HRD, the DSK numbers start from 4 to 8. The rest is RAMBO. While copying from DSK4 to IDE Partition #3, it corrupted both DSK4 and my Partition #3 with very large file sizes. Luckily I had backups. Not sure what caused that glitch. I was under the impression that directories and sub-directories were allowed on the HRD4000B, but that's not what I found out. Kind of disappointed about that. FYI, I discovered that any directory and sub-directory name that has the character / or : in their names, I was not able to access them within a saved image file using Ti99Dir 8.2c. I created the image file using Win32 Disk Imager in Windows 10. The image file is successfully created. Using Ti99Dir, I can access any partition that I have on the IDE drive off that image file, except for directories and sub-directories that have the / or : in their names. A DSR error 7 occurs. That error does not occur for filenames that reside in other directories. I had to rename all of those directories and sub-directories on my IDE partitions and then make a new image file backup. I'm not sure if it's just my system or if there's a bug in Ti99Dir.
  5. Has anyone setup a Horizon 4000B together with the latest IDE card DSR? I currently have the IDE card at CRU >1000 and I'm wondering if it's better to have the 4000B at >1000 and put the IDE card at another CRU address, say >1200. Since the 4000B is faster, it would make sense to have recognized at the fist device. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Well, that is super useful. Never would have figured out how to use without those instructions. Thank you so much for getting these. Time to print them off for safe keeping.
  7. Okay, looks like I need to add that to my TODO list. Keep me posted if you find it. Thanks.
  8. How does this Eprom work with the 128k Foundation card? The QS-Ramcopy software is not very user friendly. Are there Basic CALL statements to create a small ramdisk that is part of the Eprom or is there special Myarc software required to access it? I need to know how simple or complex this is going to be as this ex-manager friend is not very computer savvy, knows just enough to be dangerous, i.e., if it doesn't work, use a bigger hammer is his troubleshooting skills. Simple CALL statements would be better for him.
  9. How much is it and does it require any modification in replacing the existing Foundation eprom?
  10. It works, but a little confusing the first time around. Where does one get the eprom and the 512k upgrade? I'm sure my ex-manager would be interested in doing the upgrade.
  11. Thank you for searching through your archives in finding this as it's greatly appreciated. I will be trying it out today. I'm sure my friend who has the Foundation 128k will be more than thrilled in finally being able to fully use the card for what it was designed for.
  12. You have what, the QS-Ramdisk software for the Foundation 128k?
  13. Who happens to have a copy of the QS-Ramdisk DSK that was specific for setting up the Foundation 128k memory card as a ramdisk? The software was developed by Quality 99 Software. I was not able to find it on WHTECH.
  14. I have the HRD4000B on order. The Foundation 128k card is from a friend that was trying to make full use of it.
  15. That would be great if you have that software as it was written specifically for the Foundation 128k card.
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