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  1. Well i've finally had the spare time to copy sysinfo to a floppy and i couldnt be happier with the results! I have TOS 1.62 and 1mb ram, it appears the seller from which ive bought my STE had already done those upgrades 😃 I dont need to spend more money on upgrades, for gaming i think its perfect as is. Someday i might upgrade it to 4mb ram, and thats it 😉 What do you guys think?
  2. @ParanoidLittleMan I know there isnt any TOS in portuguese, i guess the most obvious choice for me will be English UK. Since i will use my STE mainly for gaming and the demoscene, i think 1.62 will be the best choice for me. BTW nowadays whats the fair price for a pair of TOS chips? @anzac I only collect what has nostalgic and sentimental value to me, or because i owned it or because ive used at a friends house. Back in the day since i didnt knew the existance of MegaSTe, TT and Falcon and i didnt knew anyone that had one of those, i dont have any particulary interest on them, because they dont have any meaning to me. On the other hand, back in the day i knew the atary lynx handheld and also the jaguar console. Im a commodore and sinclair user since the 80s and 90s, those are the systems that i really love to collect and play. Atari at least for me, means atari 2600 jr. and the ST 😇 But hey i see no problem, one day we can surely met (after the pandemic) to see those machines working, its always a way to gain knew knowledge on the scene. BTW ive a friend on the retro scene, that also lives in Braga
  3. @anzac yep thats right, im from Gaia Ive been an Amigan all my life, but now ive decided it was time to turn to the dark side 😎
  4. Hi, Thanks for your replies If i buy one of those chips with a newer version of TOS, is there any soldering required? or i can easily remove them because they are installed in sockets? Btw whats the last version of tos? 2.06? @anzac Whats the advantage of that dual solution you told me about? Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, I'm a newbie on the atari scene and recently ive bought my first atari st, its a 520ste. But after powering it up ive noticied that the TOS is in french. How and where can i change the default language? Thanks in advance ;)
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