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  1. Okay not sure what the person above is on about but someone on FB pointed me to the solution, here: https://hirudov.com/misc/MazezaM-40.php Then I did level 31 all by myself and finished the game, oh yes!
  2. Hi, thank you for your response. How?! How do I do that? I have just tried every key on the controls... and I have not needed to use this at all to get to the last level
  3. Help! I am hopelessly stuck on level 30 (the last one I believe) in Collectorvision's MazezaM! It really seems impossible, and there are no longplays on YouTube. Has anyone finished it? Are you able to help? I can provide the password if you would like to have a go (the game is in the Collectorvision vault ROM pack 1). Thank you so much
  4. Very good... although very difficult, I am yet to complete the first mission
  5. Thank you, playing it on my Phoenix, very cool game :)
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