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  1. Interested in one for 130XE. Shipping to US.
  2. Installed new GTIA chip. Fire button works now!!! Nexgar, I appreciate your help.
  3. Nezgar, much appreciated. I will try that tonight.
  4. The fire button on the joystick from joystick port one does not fire. It works on port two. Any ideas on what I can try? Thanks!
  5. I’ve been building my collection of Atari books. Been awhile since I was in the system, but now own an two 1050 drives, 800xl, 130xe and two 400’s. One from back in the day.
  6. Wow! To have that many systems! I would be a kid caught in the candy jar!
  7. Just curious, I cannot access the cyberroach website. Is it no longer functioning?
  8. Here are my two 400’s. Bought my first one new in either 1981 or 1982. Guess the sticker will tell you. Other purchase in an auction last year.
  9. Looks like that’s what they are. Omniview shrunk the screen. I don’t have the proper cables for that. Not sure in today’s world, if it would work out on current tv’s. Thanks for the help and documentation for everything!
  10. Anyway I can confirm this? Any info on these mods? xl boss is confirmed. I will try to load the website at home. My phone can’t handle it and work computer gives me the “bad boy” for trying to access. ☹️
  11. I just purchased an Atari 130 XE. found this on the computer. Can anyone help with what they are and do? thanks, David
  12. Brockmd


    I purchased 4 Atari books from him. Great price and shipping. Our fabulous post office delivered it to the wrong business. But wasn’t Adam’s fault, the address was correct on the package. I would purchase from him again.
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