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  1. Hey @Faicuai! This is the thread I had read on the power consumption. It was was this thread that that guided me to get a power supply with a little more headroom when I started to get back into using my Atari 8-bit. Thanks for the link!
  2. @_The Doctor__ I had the same thought as you did. One of the trouble shooting steps was that I flashed the full 512 firmware (once with the version GOS and once with the one without). I also tried re and flashing the plug ins that enabled S3 support and excluded support for the Sophia 2. Both times, same issues with the mega cart games. I did the flash upgrades from a mounted ATR from an SDrive Max attached to the SIO port.
  3. @Level42 Very true. The power supply is one that I made myself from the plug of one of the “bad” Atari power supplies and the power supply that was used for an IP phone. Brand new out of the box. I tested the voltage with a meter to ensure it had the proper voltage before and after I put the plug on it. The power supply is rated for 5v and 3 AMPs. As for the old power supplies, don’t they max out at 1.5 Amps? With the added hardware and cartridge use, wouldn’t a higher rated power supply be more desirable? There was a big thread on this topic if I recall and it showed that the 800XL on use can reach close to 1.5 AMPs depending on what is being done and attached to the host computer
  4. @flashjazzcat I echo the same sentiment as @Mazzspeed It is just one of those things that pop up that are hard to track down.
  5. Hi @flashjazzcat, I am not sure if this is relevant. When I installed the U1MB, I used one of your videos. In the video (if I recall correctly), you used one of the lines from the PBI. Could this be a reason that that turning off the PBI BIOS would work? By the way, I want to say thank you very much for your hard work! I watched most of your videos and them inspiring and great a source of information.
  6. Mazzspeed, I am experiencing this issue on my NTSC 800XL (it has the Sophia 2). I have a NTSC 600XL upgraded to 64K with the UAV upgrade installed.
  7. @flashjazzcat Could you try turning off the PBI Bios on customer’s computer that has this issue to see if this workaround works there too? If it is a timing issue, I am wondering if it relates to the infamous gate chip I keep reading about. What was it, the 7408 that may need to be replaced?
  8. Hi @flashjazzcat There is a difference in our setup. If recall correctly, @Mazzspeed and I are using Sophia 2’s in our setup. Do you happen to have a machine also equipped with a Sophia 2 to test?
  9. Mazzspeed, I am glad the work around worked for you too! I am going to play around with the U1MB settings to see if there is anything else can be tested.
  10. Another update about the cartridge loading issues. To test, I turned off the PBI BIOS on U1MB and rebooted and I tired again Flob again. Guess what? The cartridge game loaded with no issue. @Mazzspeed : Could you try this to see if this also works for you? @flashjazzcat: I am hoping this gives you a little more insight to what to try next. Thanks!
  11. Just reporting back on this. I just tried loading the game .car file Flob on my 64k 600XL with the Side 3 cart. Loaded up with no issues. And this is with the SD card that did not load on my 800XL with U1MB.
  12. Just so you know Mazzspeed, I am also having the same exact issue. I also tried a different card. Same problem. I even reformatted the card using the official SD formatter application from the the SDcard Association website and I still have the issue. When I get a chance, I am going to try loading the game on a 600XL that has been upgraded to 64K.
  13. Faicuai, Thank you for the explanation! I remember back in the day, there was lot of software that would not work with the 400/800 because it required 64K or more using the XL/XE memory mapping. It is great to see that now there are hardware upgrades out there now that expands the base of useable software for 800 series and now, hopefully, for the 400 series.
  14. This is cool! I have an Atari 400 that I was wondering what to do with. One question: I was reading about the Atari 800 version and it has memory modes that are compatible with the XL/XE series. From what I have read, the XL/XE series uses last two joystick port registers were used for for memory access. Does this mean if one enables this memory mode in incognito, that joystick ports 3&4 are disabled?
  15. One of my side hobbies is building custom keyboards. I have gone through a couple group buys and have already assembled several. Through my hobby, I know of several sources that sell the switch (Alps SKFL). But you right, this is still vintage hardware and source parts are more difficult and expensive to acquire.
  16. I have a couple of 800Xl’s that have keyboard issues. While checking on eBay, I saw that BC Computervision had posted a couple revision 1 keyboards (Alps switches) and I picked them up. They were a lot more expensive than the Mylar version they were also selling, but I figured these will be easier to repair down the road and offer a better typing experience.
  17. For a replacement of the delay line chip, Lotharek's 64K RAM upgrade seems to offer another option in case the source part is hard to locate. SRAM 64Kb REVISED
  18. If you get to that point, keep in mind you will also have to carry external speakers. From what I have reading, HDMI expects a digital audio signal, not analog audio. And many TV’s do not have a global audio input. But yes, the NUC 576+ makes an excellent travel companion for shows and conventions (and to play games on the road😄.) One would not even worry about damage to the case because you can just order another replacement easily.
  19. Hi Simpy_Graham, Looks like user hasanc already has designed and created a board with Mini HDMI to work with the Sophia 2 if you want to go that route. There is post here showing his results with a 600XL. Atari 600XL NTSC and Sophia 2 HDMI install
  20. If the video output is that clean connecting to a modern LCD TV, that would be plus! Less work that needs to be done.
  21. It is a nice project! It seems to be designed to reach a wide audience. It also provides a possible migration path for those whose computers hardware failed due to old age. Ok, That is good to know! Thanks! I will keep following up to see if any testing is done on this. Thanks again!
  22. Hi Everyone, I wanted to introduce myself in my first post here on Atari Age. I have been a long time lurker and long time Atari 8bit fan. Firstly, I want to say congrats and thanks to the creator, beta testers and suppliers who took part to make make this project happen and available to those at large. It is truly a nice piece of engineering and it shows that a lot of hard work went into producing it! I am interested in acquiring one. What is the position if one wants to add a third party addition like Sophia 2 or Pokeymax 3? Has it been tested with any of the third party mods/addons? Also, would there be variations of the case that would allow the cutouts for the DVI port? Thank you!
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