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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I work 40-50 hours a week, so it's not worth my free time anymore. At this point I just want to back out. I've put over 40 hours of my own labor into it, which is included in my asking price at a whopping $2/hr haha. I had fun working on it and learned alot, but I'm not willing to invest more time and money on it. I'm hoping it's worth it to someone who can get the job done themselves and end up with a cheap, functioning cabinet.
  2. To answer the questions, It's pretty complete. Marquee, functioning marquee and uv lights, new volcano buttons, new leaf buttons, but switches weren't all replaced. Console is a little beat up but not terrible. Cleaned up the coin slots on the door, but haven't messed with the bulbs. Cleaned the audio pot. I can't get the power brick to give a stable output so I can't test the A/R, pcb or monitor. I tried replacing the big blue and bridge rectifier. Has the manual. Side art is in fair to good shape. Has the 2way mirror and blacklight back drop, but backdrop needs to be reafixxed. I'd like around $450 if possible, but I could go a little lower if someone made the sale easy. I'm around Corvallis, OR. I appreciate the help. I was hoping it'd be simple enough for me to get it working, but I fold.
  3. I tried getting a user account on VAPS to post questions while I was working on it and view photos in the forums a number of times and it won't work. I tried reaching out to the site manager and it bounced (no longer active). I even tried reaching out to the web host "web magic" for help and got no response. Actually, I just used my Atari age credentials to get in and it worked. Maybe they're linked systems. Thank you!!
  4. Hey all, I bought an Asteroids Deluxe arcade cabinet (1979/1980) about 6 months ago, but after doing a lot of work on cleaning and fixing up various parts, and trying and get it working, I think I need to give up on it and pass it on to someone who knows more about these cabinets so that they can give it the life it deserves. Any advice on where to post something like that? Local Craigslist seems too limited. I'm only looking to get the $ I put into it back. I'd appreciate any advice.
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