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  1. So I seen this released and lsl7,I bought the later.
  2. I'm still willing to help Chris,I helped you learn tile collision on master system.
  3. The nes,master system and C64 have hardware scrolling,what kills the C64 is you have to shift the screen memory and the color memory if your using a unique color per cell.I've not done scrolling on the 7800 but anything being done in software is going to be much slower and eat a lot of cycles,that's a major disadvantage compared to hardware scrolling.Not taking anything away from the 7800 though as it has some very impressive games.
  4. I ported a Speccies 2 over to pc engine a few months ago,I didn't get around to adding music though,have a try gentlemen https://filetransfer.io/data-package/YxHxd75Y#link
  5. The 7800 wins on sprites 100%
  6. If you'd try programming all three systems you'd understand why I made that comment.Not saying the 7800 can't hold it's own as it can but the other systems tiling and scrolling are much more advanced then the 7800.The old C64 has some features that out matches the 7800,you can't mix 160,320 modes per zone on 7800,you can on C64...multicolor and hires is fine.
  7. Hardware was way behind nes and master system,poor developer support.
  8. Does PacManPlus hang out on discord?I've a few questions & this would help me to be in contact with a programmer that has dealt with converting timesteps(Bob calls them frames,I refer to them as (timesteps) tables from arcade to 7800 for Satans Hollow.
  9. Now Trebor made it even easier to find out,programmer would have to like this game to look through the source though,that's not me as I dislike this game.
  10. Fair enough jgkspsx,I avoided giving my opinion on other things mentioned because of this "Not to mention the sheer level of cussedness it takes to fight a battle against half the forum across multiple threads for multiple weeks"
  11. Since source code is released for this game should be easy to find out exactly what the conditions are to trigger "Almost Made It".
  12. If a Jaguar Mini did happen I'd buy one for my nephew since I don't own a Jaguar anymore.Personally I think your english is completely understandable ataritiger.
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