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I've always loved the gaming consoles we had as kids, especially the six switch Atari 2600 (Looking back, it was a light sixer) that my grand parents bought us for Christmas. 1980 if I remember correctly. I think I was 9 so it sounds right. We played that thing until it would no longer power on. It's replacement was a 4 switch Woodie and a few years later, an Atari Jr. They were champs each one but, looking back were all probably easily fixed :( So today I am buying nothing but non-working consoles and learning how to give them a new life. My current daily driver is a 4 switch "Vader" in need of a bit of video rehab which you all have been helping me to diagnose. So I already couldn't appreciate this forum and it's community more than I do! Thanks for being here! 


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