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  1. The latest claims I've heard coming from Jez San is that Argonaut were developing a rival graphics chip for the PS2, supposedly they were working for LSI Logic. Quote: " "We were working for LSI Logic at the time," Argonaut founder Jez San tells us. "They had just invested in Argonaut and part of the deal was they wanted us to design something for them. LSI were the fabricators of the original PlayStation 1 chip for Sony, and so were well placed to bid for the PlayStation 2 rendering chip, and wanted to compete along with several other designers. They used us to design it for them. LSI told us how Sony wanted it – they told us how many millions of polygons per second it had to do, and so we designed a chip that did that, and it was damn good." So good, in fact, that the chip's internal codename reflected its potency. "It was something rude," remembers San. "It was either called Tadger or Todger, but it was something like that. It was probably called Tadger, because it was the dog’s bollocks. It was the fastest chip that we knew that anyone had ever designed. It would beat anything else that we were aware of." Here Sounds like it could be more bullshit..lol
  2. Yeah Whittaker wasn't in the AVP interview in Edge issue 5 either, kind of odd for the "lead programmer" of the game not to have anything to say
  3. And here is the 2 page new piece from Edge 42. Hope these help. ☺️
  4. I totally agree with you and I think you are doing the right thing in exposing this guy, I was re-reading a lot of these Power Crystal promos and Whittaker tells some huge whoppers, like how he coded AVP seemingly on his own etc. I would sure love to hear what his co-founders of Perceptions thought of him. The number of people's lives this guy has ruined and messed with is unforgiveable imo. Anyway I've been able to scan the promo from Edge 43 and also the 2 page mini promo that appeared in Edge 42, this was the one that the person who wrote in to Edge in issue 45 mentioned. Anyway here is the promo from Edge 43.
  5. I'm glad I was able to help, you are most welcome. As promised, here is a scan of the letter from Edge 45 - May 1997 regarding Power Crystal on the M2. I have just scanned in that page. I will try and scan in the Edge edition of the Power Crystal promo from Edge 43, I think it is mostly the same as the Next Gen mag version above.
  6. Are you talking about this press preview of Power Crystal? This one is from Next Generation, but I also have the Edge version. I've been following the saga of Andrew/Jane Whittaker on here for while and I keep seeing you mention the Power Crystal promos being pulled. It actually prompted me to join this forum, I can't stand it when bullshitters like Whittaker get away with lying for so long. You also mentioned a letter that was published in Edge about this game, I have the issue with me and can scan and upload it if it will help.
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