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  1. Been following Amico news for a few months now, picked up on it after getting into the Evercade system Got the evercade handheld and pre ordered the Vs and as a result have now gfot a pre order in for the Graphite Black Amico Always have and always will have xbox/ps but something simple and fun about the other systems so think theres room for all Some of the games , evil kenievel , not my cup of tea but really looking forward to Breakout and AStrosmash. Think its something that even the wife will play Just hope it makes it to the UK soon! Had to order direct from Intellivision as UK retailers only offering the white console
  2. @Tommy Tallaricobeen searching for footage from this year's gamescom that you guys were at but can't find anything??? Will this be added to the amico you tube channel or Facebook page
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