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  1. Thanks for the awesome Overlays!

  2. This was sold by a reputable eBay seller who seems to have tons of these new in box ones and they seem sealed from the factory and even shipped in what might have been original shipping boxes it was so perfect. I paid like PS5 prices for this.
  3. Got one of the Jaguar new in box systems online, both black and grey button controllers, a few games and some extras! I made sure to get Wolfenstein with the nice overlay as well and a Teamtap while they're still easy to find new in box as well. I plan on doing an 4K unboxing video of it soon!
  4. Just put in about an hour with the new WarioWare: Get It Together! and was kinda surprised to see the limited format in which you play. You're tied to characters that move up/down/left/right on the screen with special traits each but there isn't any crazy motion control stuff and things special that they do. It seems they made the game have to be playable on the Switch Lite consoles without removable controllers so there's no flinging or flicking or shaking of the console/controllers asked of you in any of the minigames in the the first world and a bit farther it seems. Kinda bummed out as there were always cool dynamics of play with the other WarioWare mini games on other systems that really pushed the boundaries (ie. the Warioware for GBA with a special cart). How are others feeling about this release? Did WarioWare miss the mark in your book too with it's limited style play?
  5. Unboxing of a brand new SEGA Master System II. The system has never been used or opened and wanted to document the unboxing of this old piece of Sega hardware and history in 4K.
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