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  1. Very interesting. So only one switch per controller is missing to make a 4-way joystick + single fire button configuration possible. What kind of data could be pulled from the spinners? You mean map the fire buttons to interrupts?
  2. I stumbled upon the forum thread for Quad-Joust just now, and it got me thinking about a question for tech-savvy ColecoVision fans: Could a four-player adapter be doable on the ColecoVision? Like perhaps map the joystick and buttons of the third and fourth controllers to keypad keys on controller #1 and #2? I think a lot could be done with such a four-player adaptor where all players could play together: - A ColecoVision version of Quad-Joust - A tank game (like Combat on the 2600) - A clone of Warlords, with play mechanics that fit joysticks better than paddles - Sport games (basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, hockey, maybe baseball, etc.) - A board game, like maybe a clone of Risk, or something more basic like Monopoly - Four-player Space War - Four-player Snake/Surround/Tron Light-cycle game - Racing game à la Indy 500 or Off-Road - Four-player clone of Duck Hunt (with mobile aiming crosshairs) - Pac-Man clone of some kind, with four players let loose in a maze I'm sure I'm just scratching the surface here. And with four players, even the most basic games could be extra fun to play.
  3. I'm pretty sure Dr Wily was a fan of He-Man when he was a kid... Look at Castle Greyskull!
  4. Look up a scan of the game's manual, and you'll see that it says to use the Roller Controller in joystick mode.
  5. These Team Pixelboy games work on the ADAM without the SGM: - Dragon's Lair - Zaxxon Super Game - Buck Rogers Super Game - Mecha-8 (works but you won't get enhanced SGM sound output) - SubRoc Super Game - Super Pac-Man - Knight Lore - Mecha-9 (works but you won't get enhanced SGM sound output) - Cold Blood - Shouganai - Space Shuttle - A Journey Into Space (not released yet) Most of the games listed above are permanently sold out on my end, but you may score some copies of those games on eBay or the AtariAge Marketplace, if you keep monitoring those options. Not sure how many CollectorVision titles require the SGM with the ColecoVision but not with the ADAM.
  6. Nah, just a decrease in speed by roughly 20% would fix the issue.
  7. I gave it a quick try on blueMSX, and it plays a little too fast for my taste. But it's a very nice game. Good work! Also, I see that there's a sequel to this game on the Spectrum, which is the next chapter in the game's story, and it has actual background music, unlike this first chapter. I'm thinking it would be cool to merge both games into one, with some added background music for the first chapter. But then again the game would feel incomplete because the Mojon Twins have yet to release the third game in the trilogy.
  8. I would also request a source on that number of 500, but if they're producing aluminum enclosures like the original Nt Mini run, then that could possibly explain this surprisingly low number.
  9. If Analogue was to do a Neo Geo FPGA, it would probably be designed for Neo Geo cartridges. There aren't many of those in the wild, and they're expensive, so that greatly reduces the market demand for such an FPGA-based console. I wouldn't hold my breath, especially with the Neo Geo Mini that's already available.
  10. It could be as simple as the new run of Nt Minis being a replacement of sorts for the Analogue 8. I can only speculate on this, but the relationship between Analogue and Kevin is bound to end at some point in the future. Perhaps that point will come after the Pocket + Dock. I say this based on the open-source component of the Pocket.
  11. They may all use the Z80, but their respective architectures are different enough that porting a game from one machine to another is not straightforward enough to have ROM conversion software that can handle anything. There's a lot of "human intervention" required in porting a game adequately. But that's not to say that it's not possible to automate a certain percentage of the work. However, so many of the good MSX and SG-1000 games have already been ported to the ColecoVision that the pertinence of such "partial" ROM conversion software is questionable, if any homebrewer was to develop such tools that could be made public for others.
  12. I don't think that pic was Photoshopped. Koalas pick up and play with anything that you put in front of them, kinda like raccoons. But I'm sure it took a lot of tries to get the picture just right.
  13. Galaxian has already been released on ColecoVision, and it's a very good version. I'm not looking to publish Dig Dug.
  14. So it wasn't a wild goose chase, it was a wild koala chase.
  15. Although it had a game cartridge port built-in, you couldn't really do that with the Coleco Adam unless you had a lot of space in front of the living room TV. Back in the 80s, I had my ADAM installed in the basement, on its own desk, and its own dedicated TV.
  16. First is Root Beer Tapper, second is Tutankham. Third one must be for a homebrew game, because I can't link it to any ColecoVision legacy game. Is the third one a ColecoVision controller to begin with?
  17. I was tempted to do another Team Pixelboy News Bulletin for this, but I decided to just post the news here, since it's only one single piece of news. Simply put, I have decided to (once again) suspend the processing of any new pre-orders for Team Pixelboy games. I (with the usual suspects collaborators) will be working to honor the pre-orders already recorded, no more, no less. I cannot say when I will resume taking pre-orders, but I know it's going to take at least a few months. And that is all.
  18. The box looks pretty new, so I have to wonder if it's a repro. I believe it was the guys over at CollectorVision who produced repro boxes for the Bit Corp games several years ago. The first question to ask is if their repros have German text on the back.
  19. If it's an authentic box (not a repro) then this is an awesome score.
  20. Double Breakout came out first. The author renamed the game to Deflektor Kollection after a company (was it Atari Infogrames?) complained about unauthorized usage of the "Breakout" name.
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