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  1. I didn't know they sold this as a single controller. I guess I'll have to track this box down in order to make a trading card with it.
  2. Now all you need is a mouse.
  3. The original proto with sound and no title screen is still the property of Sean Kelly, as far as I know.
  4. I classify my version as a homebrew because I had it altered to add a proper title screen. The original prototype (with sound but no title screen) is the "unreleased CV proto".
  5. No idea. I never kept up with this kind of stuff.
  6. A board with only the AY-3-8910 should work for most games (not sure if you can map the SGM's sound ports to the pins on an ADAM expansion card though) but the SGM has a feature to run in "full 32K of RAM" mode, meaning that the Coleco BIOS is replaced with 8K of RAM, and you won't get that feature with a sound-chip-only board. I know Gauntlet runs in this mode, not sure if there are any others (probably very few).
  7. Jumping off ropes is actually something I asked to be fixed from the original MSX version. Doing it the original way was way too much trouble with the stock ColecoVision controller, so we simplified it, and the game is way better for it.
  8. Wait, AnalogKid and Itchy are one and the same? Can anyone please confirm/disprove this?
  9. Yeah, some other companies like Spinnaker and Fisher Price did that a lot.
  10. The Retron Jr is still alive! Now it's called the Retron Sq! Also: https://www.oldschoolgamermagazine.com/hyperkin-announces-new-name-and-console-features-for-retron-jr-project/ So the GBA support portion of the machine is now marked as "beta", which means it's a work-in-progress. So while there's still no release date on the thing, it can be assumed that they'll release it this year, sooner rather than later, with some firmware updates coming to fix the bugs in the emulation. Not really a problem if 1) they have some kind of official online hub where people can report issues, and 2) firmware updates are easy and straightforward. So good news, I would say.
  11. I had to change my recorded e-mail address to an alternate address, as Hotmail is blocking atariage.com. I can't even "re-register" my Hotmail address linked to my account on the AtariAge forums, because the confirmation e-mail is getting blocked. I'm worried they will block e-mails from Team Pixelboy (I've had problems with this in the past) since it's on the same e-mail server.
  12. Have you tried pressing [7] on controller #1 and [3] on controller #2?
  13. Are you saying you will be offering a passthrough component to everyone who purchased a Rev1 Phoenix (like me)? I have to admit this problem is a little annoying on my Phoenix, because it messes up the system when I switch carts, and I have to press the reset button every time for the game to boot properly.
  14. Looking at that bigger pic, I can see it's clearly "regular" graphic mode #2, with two colors per line within each 8x8 tile.
  15. I vote for the Filmation one. It's more iconic.
  16. They could have done a Star Trek TNG game with that same idea, as they used a lot of touchscreen interfaces on the Enterprise D, especially on the bridge. Also, a modernized version of Elite would have been a worthy addition to the DS/3DS library. That one can probably be explained, although I can't be sure I'm correct: Fast-moving 3D could possibly put an unusual strain on the eyes of the player. After all, there was a reason why there was a switch on the 3DS to turn off the 3D effect, that reason being that many players felt a strain on their vision from playing with the 3D effect enabled for extended periods of time. I figure this strain would be accelerated with a fast-moving game like F-Zero.
  17. Just thought of another missed opportunity: Remaking some of the better Virtual Boy games for the 3DS. I'm thinking mostly of Wario Land and maybe Red Alarm (ditching the wireframe rendering for actual polygon-based 3D graphics), Jack Bros and maybe Teleroboxer. Come to think of it, they could probably have fit many of those games on a single 3DS cart and sold it off as a quirky collection of 3D-based games, perfectly showing off the 3D effect of the 3DS screen. Too bad it never came to be.
  18. From your post count, it seems you're kinda new here, so a belated welcome. Most of my released titles are already available in ROM format. Just do a search on the forums using the keywords "Team Pixelboy News Bulletin" and look for bulletins dated December 25th, from 2013 to 2020. As far as manuals are concerned, I think it would be a flagrant turnaround on the main announcement made in first post of this thread if I started releasing PDFs of my manuals. Team Pixelboy should not to be confused with Opcode Games. They are completely distinct entities.
  19. You forgot to say that MSX ports are inherently evil, like you usually do. Frankly, your constant SGM bashing every chance you get is getting really tiresome.
  20. That's alright, this is the kind of thread where the first post is the important one, the rest is just gravy.
  21. You're probably right, but then the device would depend on a 40-year-old unreliable piece of tech. And then there would probably be issues with people who modded their consoles. With a motherboard replacement, you've got complete control over the hardware setup, all you need are some old non-functional ColecoVision consoles from which you can recycle the casing, so no custom plastic enclosure to design or pay for, and no front expansion port female connector to worry about. Heck, you could probably replace the DB9 controller ports with USB ports, and use off-the-shelf USB controllers, which would cut costs even more. But then you'd lose the 12-key keypad, so maybe it's not such a good idea, with respect to backward compatibility.
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