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  1. I second that. I speak from experience when I say you can definitely encounter surprises when you test on the ADAM: Joysticks don't work quite as expected (which is usually easily fixed), etc. even though your game works perfectly on the ColecoVision.
  2. I'm sure other ColecoVision homebrew publishers considered porting those games, like I did at one point, but aside from the obvious possibility of legal troubles, these MSX games just suck. If you're going to make SMB for ColecoVision, it needs to push the hardware in an impressive way, and that means smooth scrolling. 8-pixel tile scrolling is never going to cut it for a game like this. But then, having destructible environments with smooth scrolling on a machine with no built-in scroll registers is going to be tough. Oh, and did I mention the legal troubles? With this said, I'd love to see an SMB clone on the ColecoVision. Like maybe a "Run'n Gun" à la Contra with destructible blocks, or something set in cyberspace like Tron, all with smooth scrolling of course. It's easy to create something new that doesn't directly clash with copyrights and trademarks, the real challenge is making a background tile scrolling engine on the ColecoVision, but it's somewhat easier with a "new" game, because then you can build the game around the scroll engine, instead of building an engine with the goal of reproducing an existing game released on another machine with hardware scroll built-in. Then again, we do have Princess Quest, which offers awesome smooth scrolling, with some nice parallax effects! Maybe CollectorVision offered a platformer with smooth scrolling? They released so many games I lost track.
  3. I agree with the case redesign issue. They should have just gone with the same PC Engine case with "Turbografx-16" printed on it. Doing that, NEC would have come to market earlier than it did, and would have had a better chance against the Genesis and SNES.
  4. I don't have a DS so forgive me if my question sounds silly, but why not just map the screen swap function to the SELECT button?
  5. I love the improved graphics, but if you're going to go that route, may I suggest altering the name as well, like maybe "Dracula's Mansion" or something like that, just to make the game truly your own?
  6. Yeah, any expansion module plugged into the front expansion port of the ColecoVision has the ability to "take over" the machine and do whatever it wants, to the point where the native BIOS and whatever cartridge is inserted into the cartridge port are ignored. That's how the Expansion Module #1 works, it just suspends everything that normally happens at boot on the ColecoVision and takes over. The "original" Super Game Module would have worked in the same way.
  7. Probably. I've played at least one ColecoVision emulator (on PC) in the past that supported the mouse as a trackball input device. Can't remember which emulator it was though... But on a device like the one pictured in the first post of this forum thread, you also need something to "emulate" the four red buttons of the Roller Controller, at the very least.
  8. I'd imagine the alternative mouse-friendly OS I'm suggesting would be a homebrew project made by someone with lots of free time, not necessarily Danny Van Den Heuvel himself or anyone close to him. Just something to give people a reason to plug a mouse into this little system.
  9. Interesting. I see this a Linux-based machine. Will it boot straight into "ADAM mode", hopefully without the usual Linux splash/load screen(s)? Also, the pictures above show a USB port reserved for a USB mouse. T'would be cool to replace the ADAM's original operating system with a BIOS that is a little closer to Windows (or maybe the old Apple MacIntosh?) but still entirely Z80-based.
  10. That new version of Time Pilot looks cool, but it also seems mighty tough. Will there be multiple skill levels available?
  11. Here's the list for the legacy commercial games, and I also added the Team Pixelboy titles with two-player versus or co-op modes. - Activision Decathlon (supports up to four players, qualifies as multiplayer IMHO) - Alphabet Zoo (has a two-player competitive mode for picking up letters in the maze) - Artillery Duel (turned-based, but still qualifies for this list as a versus game, since there's no one-player mode) - Blockade Runner (co-op mode hardly worth mentioning) - Brain Strainers - Cabbage Patch Kids - Picture Show (again, hardly worth mentioning) - Campaign '84 (turned-based, but still counts as a versus game) - Dance Fantasy (two players can each control a dancer simultaneously) - Fortune Builder - Ken Uston Blackjack/Poker (if you think playing together at the same casino table qualifies as multiplayer) - Omega Race (head-to-head mode) - One-on-One - Pitstop (only one player can race at a time, other players have to wait their turn, but still qualifies as multiplayer) - Rocky - Super Action Boxing - Smurf - Paint 'n Play Workshop (if this can be called a game at all...) - Super Action Baseball - Super Action Football - Super Action Football (Soccer) - Super Cross Force - Tournament Tennis - WarGames (co-op mode hardly worth mentioning) - Word Feud Team Pixelboy games will multiplayer modes: - Asteroids - Championship Pro Wrestling - Gauntlet - Heroes Arena - Joust - Konami's Ping-Pong - Kralizec Tetris - QBIQS - Remember The Flag - Track & Field - Utopia (not released yet) - Wizard of Wor That's all the work I'm willing to put into this post, others will have to build the list for other homebrewers.
  12. Technically, the smallest ColecoVision encyclopedia on Earth would exist as a tiny fraction of a standard SD card, but thanks anyway.
  13. I never liked the Super Action Controller. It seems ergonomic visually, but it quickly becomes uncomfortable after using it for a while. This is because when you move the joystick (especially left or right) you have to tighten the handle with more force to keep the joystick straight and steady, and since you want to avoid pressing the colored fire buttons when you don't want to, you have no choice but to apply this extra squeeze with the side of your thumb and the joint point between the index and the palm of your hand. Do this long enough and your hand will get sore. The handle cover (which makes the handle thicker) helps a little, but not enough in my opinion. The design of the controller is simply flawed.
  14. Ah. For a minute there, I thought you were expecting me to somehow take over doubledown's job or something. Not sure who could do this job for you today.
  15. He hasn't been seen on the AtariAge forums since July 23rd 2021, as I write this.
  16. It's probably this: The picture shown 2 seconds into the video matches the casing in your picture, in post #2 above.
  17. That StarMaster cart is indeed rather weird. It has 30 pins on the edge connector, while the Atari 2600's cartridge pinout is only 24 pins. For a moment, I thought perhaps this was a 7800 cart, but that doesn't work. Perhaps this is for a Brazil/Argentina clone of the Atari 2600, which has its own custom cart pin-out?
  18. If I really could only keep and play three video games for the rest of my life, I have to assume that I would want to do other things with the rest of my life than play games and so I feel I have to pick games that I could revisit occasionally, when I need to unwind. 1) Bejeweled, or whatever good clone of that game I can find. I prefer this game over Tetris, to be honest. 2) Gateway to Apshai (ColecoVision) just to zone out exploring randomized levels in silence (no music, only basic sound effects). 3) Metroid Zero Mission (GBA) to scratch that occasional Metroid itch. I like it slightly better than Metroid Fusion, and I played Super Metroid (and Castlevania SOTN) to death already. If Capcom were to release a "Mega Man 8-bit Mix-Up" title, where I could pick-and-choose 8 Robot Masters + any Wily levels out of any 2D Mega Man game ever released (assuming Mega Man 7, Mega Man 8, Mega Man & Bass and Mega Man 11 were "demade" to match the familiar NES aesthetics) then there's a good possibility I would replace #2 or #3 above with this Mega Man offering. I'd love to be able to try out Robot Master weapons in levels where that weapon was never originally available.
  19. I would tend to believe Activision's StarMaster would be a better fit for a ColecoVision version, with some improved graphics for the instruments panel at the bottom of the screen.
  20. Very well, just send me an e-mail at pixelboy at teampixelboy dot com to place an order.
  21. Quick update: I sent an e-mail to everyone who pre-ordered the North-American series of ColecoVision trading cards. If you pre-ordered a deck but didn't receive an e-mail, check you spam/junk box! I also have a small number of available extra decks for late-comers, if anyone here is interested.
  22. They would perform no worse than in Congo Bongo, I would guess.
  23. Are you sure you're not doing Dragon's Lair here? That's the first words that came to my mind when I saw the "crypt" screenshot, if that's indeed a room inside a crypt.
  24. Since that kind of information is featured on my series of ColecoVision trading cards, I can actually answer this question easily, at least for legacy commercial titles. These are all the titles that offer some kind of 4-player support: - The Activision Decathlon - Beamrider - Jumpman Junior - Ken Uston Blackjack/Poker - Pitstop - Skiing - Strike It!
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