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  1. Aaah... An ADAM before its beige plastic casing started to yellow... Kewl...
  2. Girl's Garden on SG-1000 (and also ColecoVision).
  3. I have some fun news to report today. First of all, I finally finished the templates for all the manuals of Space Shuttle last Sunday. It was an interesting exercise to say the least, as I felt it necessary to move some texts around and add some small details in order to clarify things and explain exactly what the player needs to do to complete the mission, from launch to landing. Anyway, now I just need to put some weeks into beta-testing the game, and I'll be doing that this month. Secondly, all the decks of North-American ColecoVision trading cards are on their way to me right now, and I should be receiving them within a couple of weeks. I will not repackage them and honor pre-orders immediately, however, because I've decided to add one card to the series, namely a card for Make-A-Face (the alternate name of FaceMaker). I placed a separate print order just for this extra card, and I will wait until I receive the extra cards so that I can add one card per deck of 165 cards, making it 166 cards in total. Once this is done, I'll start contacting people about their pre-orders. Still on the subject of the ColecoVision trading cards, I found a few Canadian boxes lately, namely for Pepper II, Victory, Lady Bug and Frenzy. I've also discovered that there's a Canadian version of the box of Fortune Builder, but I've never seen a picture of it and I have yet to find it. Hopefully I'll find more Canadian boxes in 2022.
  4. I had a few "wow" moments in my personal history of gaming, but one that stands out is seeing Super Mario Bros 3 on NES for the first time. It was the Japanese version which was imported by a local game shop and set up with a Famicom-to-NES converter on a demo NES in a back corner of the shop. So anyone could walk up to it and try it, and this was a few months before the release of the American version of the game. I tried it myself briefly and watched other people play, and I was blown away by the variety of levels, graphics, music and gameplay. My best friend bought the American version on release day, and we had a blast playing SMB3 on his NES.
  5. If you need an NTSC EM#1 and a few NTSC Atari 2600 carts, I can help you out.
  6. So have you been able to test the board on an NTSC TV so far?
  7. Indeed, and he loses me completely when he says "There is money to be made here,...". No there isn't. I can't speak for how other homebrewers do their thing, but when I sell a game at 50$ per copy, that's how much money it cost me to make that single copy, so I'm just getting my invested money back with the sale of that copy. I could of course make cartridge-only releases, but I don't see much of a point in that personally, and I would still sell the carts at cost with no profit margin. The ColecoVision scene is too much of a niche market and the manufacturing costs are so high for such low numbers of manufactured copies that the only way this can work is if it's done as a labor of love and nothing more. If I wanted to make a serious buck out of making video games, I wouldn't bother with the ColecoVision, I'd do games on smartphones, tablets and other current devices. Seems to me the author of that article simply doesn't understand how small the ColecoVision scene actually is, always has been, and will inevitably remain. And there's also another aspect that, I think, explains why the copyright holders don't comes after guys like me: Not only am I "small potatoes" to begin with, but the games themselves are already out there, for everyone to play under emulation. I'm talking about the original MSX games, of course, as well as ADAM Super Game disk images. All those ROM files have been available on download sites for free for many years, so even if ColecoVision homebrewers had never ported any of them and released them on physical carts, it wouldn't make any difference in terms of "lost revenue" for the copyright holders, because the games can already be played by anyone who bothers to install an MSX (or ADAM) emulator on his/her computer. Shouldn't the author of the article follow his own logic to its conclusion and bitch about the very existence of software emulators for PC, Mac, R-Pie, etc. that encourage "free-to-play piracy"? Also, I'd be curious to know the author's opinion of all the people who actually buy these "controversial" homebrews to play on their ColecoVision consoles. Does he think they are all immoral accomplices?
  8. If you look at the picture in post #18 above, you'll see there's a missing crate at the top of the long vertical central passage. So his version is indeed missing a crate in that level.
  9. The version of the Boxxle Game Boy ROM floating around the net is probably the fixed version.
  10. I'm seeing 25 crates in the video below. (Skip ahead to 1:53:09 to see level 06-06)
  11. I'd say I'm partly to blame for this. I've been talking about doing BasicVision for several years now but never got around to it.
  12. Someone recently asked me if I had any secret cheats to share for past Team Pixelboy releases, and after looking into this, I found quite a few that I never revealed before. So I decided to group them all up in a single thread. Many of these were revealed before, but I'm relisting them here for convenience. If I find any more cheats that I forgot about, I will post them in this thread. Gulkave Access a secret menu by pressing UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN at the title screen. This menu contains a sound test and also lets you set the difficulty level (normal or hard). Pitfall II Arcade 1) To get infinite lives in this game, enter 54312 with the keypad at the title screen. 2) You can enable "ghost mode" (i.e. invincibility) by entering the code 89999 at the title screen, but keep in mind that it doesn't work with terrain hazards and mine carts. Girl's Garden Start playing the game, and at any point you can enter 8675309 (Jenny's phone number!) to unlock access to cheat features! Press the keypad keys to add lives, honey pots, flowers, etc. Take note that a dot appears next to your score to indicate that you are in "cheat mode". Ninja Princess To access a cheat menu, quickly enter UP, DOWN, UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, UP, UP, DOWN, UP at the title screen. This cheat menu lets you select the starting stage number and also lets you set the number of lives. Quest for the Golden Chalice 1) Enter 444555 with the keypad at the title screen to unlock Quests 4 and 5. This is the code you receive when you reach the secret screen (the equivalent of the secret screen in Adventure on Atari 2600). Quest 5 is the randomized version of Quest 4, just like Quest 3 is the randomized version of Quest 2. 2) Enter SQUARE (708273) with the keypad to turn the player's character into a smiling square. The game plays exactly the same otherwise. This is also a code you receive when you reach the secret screen. 3) Enter 865336 with the keypad at the title screen, then enter 00 to 53 during the game to warp to any screen. You can also enter 99 to warp directly to the screen where Mardok the wizard is waiting for you, in Quests 4 and 5 (this is applicable to green and red dragon skill levels only). NOTE: You may get bizarre results if you use this secret debug feature in Quests 1, 2 or 3. 4) Sound test codes which you can enter at the title screen: - 687421: Silence - 687422: Main music - 687423: Victory music - 687424: Easter Egg music - 687425: Dungeon music King's Valley While playing the game, you can make the hidden doors appear immediately by holding down both fire buttons, holding the joystick down, and pressing 0 on the keypad. Now just go trough the door to move on to the next (or previous) level! Module Man 1) Enter 385 at the title screen to activate the debug mode. Experiment with the keypad keys while playing to see what you can do in debug mode! 2) Enter 777111 at the title screen to unlock the deluxe mode. Deluxe mode offers one extra carryable item (the Magic Glasses) and I'll let you discover what this item does within the game. 3) Enter 222666 at the title screen to access a hidden mini-game! Mecha-8 Enter 421 at the title screen to activate the debug mode. You can press 3 on the keypad during the game to skip directly to the next level (or to the ending after the last level). You can also press 4 to fast-forward to the boss of the current level. The Stone of Wisdom During the "CASIO" logo sequence, hold down 1 on the keypad while holding down the right trigger button, and you will become totally immune to damage. Or, still during the "CASIO" logo sequence, hold down 2 on the keypad while holding down the right trigger button to gain the ability to continue after death. Super Pac-Man Enter 4567 at the title screen to access the secret Classic Pac-Man, which is the MSX port of Pac-Man. While playing Classic Pac-Man, enter 1809 with the keypad to make the 4 blinking power pellets reappear (after Pac-Man has eaten them) or enter 0712 to add one life to your reserves. Mecha-9 Enter 731 at the title screen to activate the debug mode. Try the keypad keys during the main game to see what they do. Caverns of Titan During the main game: 1) You can add a life to your reserves at any time by pressing 1 on Player 1's controller and 2 on Player 2's controller simultaneously. 2) You can also freeze all enemies on the screen by pressing 3 on Player 1's controller and 4 on Player 2's controller simultaneously. 3) You can skip to the next level by pressing 5 on Player 1's controller and 6 on Player 2's controller simultaneously. IMPORTANT: For any of the above cheats to work, you have to hold down the two keypad buttons until the screen briefly flashes, which takes roughly a second. Cold Blood Move the joystick RIGHT, UP, DOWN and RIGHT at the title screen to make the "EXTRA" option appear. Move the menu cursor next to "EXTRA", and press the trigger button to see some bloopers. Deep Dungeon Adventure Did you know there's a secret game hidden in your Deep Dungeon Adventure cartridge? To access it, hold down the [5] key on both controllers while turning on (or resetting) your console. Have fun! J.E.T.P.A.C. Hold the joystick up while turning on the console (or while pushing the reset button) to remove the gravity. Also, you can turn your astronaut into a one-hit-kill wonder (making the game incredibly difficult) by holding the joystick right while booting/rebooting the game. Kaboom! Get infinite lives by entering this code at the title screen: 84572093 Bomber King 1) At any time during the game, press [*] to go to the inventory screen, then press [1] on Player 1's controller and [9] on Player 2's controller simultaneously, and all your items will be maxed out to 99. This doesn't make you invincible however, you do have to remember to press the [0] key in order to use an Energy Tank when your life power is low. But now you'll have 99 Tanks (and 99 of everything else) to tear the levels and bosses to shreds! 2) At any time during the game, press [*] to go to the inventory screen, hold down [7] on Player 1's controller and then press [3] on Player 2's controller, and you'll warp to the next level. The Cure 1) Press [#] at the title screen to access a sound test. 2) At the title screen, enter 2581 to skip the opening stage and begin at stage 1, 2582 to skip ahead to stage 2, 2583 for stage 3, 2584 for stage 4 and 2585 for stage 5. Booming Boy At the title screen, enter the “Ultrasecret development menu” by pressing UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP with the joystick. You can start the game in any area/stage, play all the tunes and sound effects, and set the number of lives (2 to 7). Operation Wolf 1) To reduce damage by half, enter this joystick sequence at the title screen: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT. 2) To have infinite bullets, enter this joystick sequence at the title screen: LEFT, UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, UP, DOWN, RIGHT. Majikazo Begin the game with 9 lives with this joystick sequence entered at the title screen: UP - RIGHT - DOWN - LEFT - LEFT - DOWN - RIGHT - UP Uridium Press 5 during the opening splash screen to make God mode available in the setup menu of the game. You can hear a familiar Star Trek music tune to let you know that the cheat was enabled. God mode makes your ship indestructible, even with ground-based obstacles. R-Type Pause the game, press the [#] key, and then press one of the following: [0] = Normal shot [1] = Wave shot [2] = Laser shot [3] = Ground shot [4] = Invincibility [5] = Disable invincibility [6] = Speed up [7] = Speed down [8] = Increase lives [9] = Decrease lives [#] = Skip level [*] = Exit pause mode
  13. Salutations, ColecoVision fans! I'd like to begin this news bulletin by wishing everyone a happy and prosperous New Year! Let's be honest, 2021 wasn't all that great (at least it wasn't for me) and 2022 is a bit of a question mark at this point with the pandemic still going strong, and electronics supply chains being seriously disrupted, so I guess all we can do is hope for the best and keep our spirits up as best we can. My most special wish is directed at those who pre-ordered an Asteroids Controller. My hope is that doubledown will make an appearance and let us know when he intends to build all those controllers. I haven't heard from him at all lately, in case you're wondering. So with all this said, let's go over things, shall we? THOSE GAMES OF OLD Exactly one year ago today, I announced that I was relinquishing my old Team Pixelboy titles to other ColecoVision homebrew publishers, namely CollectorVision, Opcode Games and the AtariAge Store. As you may have noticed, pretty much nothing happened since then, but I have received assurances from CollectorVision that they'll release a few Team Pixelboy titles later this year. I'll try to see if they can release more copies of Asteroids and Star Castle, because it's now painfully obvious that I underestimated the demand for those two games. Opcode seems to want to tie their Team Pixelboy re-releases to the SGM2, reworking and improving the games in the process, so delays are understandable in that context. I haven't really talked to Albert about the re-releases in a long time, so at this point I don't really know what's going to happen where the AtariAge Store is concerned. NEW TEAM PIXELBOY GAMES FOR 2022 Not much to say here, except that my goal is to release Space Shuttle, Utopia and Arabian on Christmas Day 2022. I'll be working throughout the year to make that happen. THESE CARDS WERE MEANT FOR TRADING, AND THAT'S JUST WHAT THEY'LL DO First of all, the North American series of ColecoVision trading cards is coming in early 2022. I'll post updates about that in this forum thread as things move along, but for now, you can see a picture down below of the plastic containers I bought on eBay recently. I didn't look over the entire shipping box, so I hope not too many of them got cracked during postal transit. About the cards themselves, I requested one deck of cards to be printed so that I can see if the cards come out alright. After this demo deck has been received, examined and approved, I'll place the official print order for all the decks. I'll start shipping the decks as soon as I receive the printed cards. Secondly, I want to mention that the back of the cards for the European and Canadian series are already entirely done (screenshots and everything) and so all that's left to do is clean up box scans and create the front sides of those cards. I spent most of the past week finishing up the front sides of all the Asian, Australian and non-CBS European games, so those are now done, and I only need to do the European CBS games (58 cards in all). I'm confident the European series will be ready to print at some point this year. I'm still missing many box scans for the Canadian series, and I'm hoping to somehow acquire those scans during the course of this year, and release that series in 2023. As for the hardware cards, in case you're wondering, those are still up in the air right now. I need doubledown to finish up the work on those cards. And that pretty much sums up my projects for this year. It's going to be another busy one for me, that's for sure! This concludes this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities.
  14. I would have released R-Type's ROM, but the publishing "rights" (for lack of a better term) are now in CollectorVision's hands. So aside from releasing new physical copies of the game, they could possibly release the ROM as part of their vault offerings, or club membership program. Anyhow, it's no longer just up to me to share that ROM.
  15. Monkey Academy was okay, albeit a bit simple. A few that I found actually interesting were Logic Levels, Linking Logic and Fraction Fever. The first two are nice brain teasers when you really get into them, and I find Fraction Fever has a good balance of action and educational value, even if it's not something I could see myself playing for a very long time.
  16. The term "worse" is subject to interpretation from the get-go. I could name a number of "edutainment" titles that I would consider the "worse" games on the ColecoVision, but that's because I'm not the intended audience (and never was, even back in the day). But in any case, I would be hard-pressed to name the 25 worst games, but I can name at least a few that I think people should avoid (outside the obvious children edutainment titles) like: - Blockade Runner (gameplay is as hard as it is dull) - Campaign 84 (some might like it, but I find it to be wasted potential, it should have been developed more, maybe like a board game) - Evolution (good idea, extremely disappointing execution) - Gust Buster (basically unplayable by design, unless you're a masochist and absolutely want to master it) - Illusions (it takes forever to figure out how to complete the first level!) - It's Only Rock & Roll (mostly text-based, this could be programmed in frickin' SmartBASIC by a beginner) - Jukebox (more a puzzle game than an edutainment title, completely uninteresting) - One-on-One (graphics are unbearably bad, gameplay is not much better) - Rolloverture (tries to be a "clever" platformer, but just ends up being too convoluted to be fun) - Sir Lancelot (very underwhelming clone of Joust) - Skiing (so dull it makes me want Coleco's vaporware even more) - Slurpy (someone please explain to me how this clunky game can be any fun at all) - Tomarc the Barbarian (so much wasted potential there, I'd be tempted to remake it as a homebrew title) There are a few like Fortune Builder and War Room that I would be tempted to add to the above list, but I just don't understand those games very well and never really got into them, so putting them down would be unfair, IMHO.
  17. Interesting video, if only for the weird order of games from 25 to 1 (Turbo as #1? Really?) that makes it clear you didn't grow up with the system, and have a completely different appreciation of the games as a result. The way you had these games ordered, I'm surprised Congo Bongo wasn't included somewhere in there, same for Gateway To Apshai, H.E.R.O., Mr Do!, Mr Do's Castle, Pitfall, Pitfall II, Roc 'n Rope, Space Panic, Star Trek, Tapper, Time Pilot and Venture.
  18. Awesome! Please scan it at 300 DPI and send it my way!
  19. Wait, it's a 6502 machine? That just made porting the games to the ColecoVision a whole lot harder... 😕 Also, the keypad on the Creativision controller has more keys than the ColecoVision controller keypad, so I don't know what kind of problems that would bring up.
  20. I had a look at these games on YouTube, just out of curiosity. Some of them look nice and sufficiently polished to be worth porting, and if someone ported them and grouped them up into a cheap multicart, or maybe just released them as ROM files only, I think ColecoVision fans would be interested. It's not a project I would pursue myself, however, I'm way to busy already with ongoing projects.
  21. Season's greetings, fans of the ColecoVision persuasion! Aside from wishing you Happy Holidays, I don't have much more to say today, aside from mentioning that the usual New Year's News Bulletin is coming one week from now. So I'll just post these ROMs of the Mystery Man Collection below and let you download them at your convenience. This concludes this (very short) Team Pixelboy news bulletin. We now return you to your regular forum activities. gp_world_cv.rom mikie_cv.rom monaco_gp_cv.rom nsub_cv.rom sega_flipper_cv.rom sindbad_mystery_cv.rom star_jacker_cv.rom zaxxon_II_cv.rom zoom_909_cv.rom
  22. I have a good ol' Logitech Precision gamepad plugged into my PC right now, and I like it quite a lot for playing old games via emulators. I have to wonder how well it would function on the Pocket Dock.
  23. (*Sigh*) Not gonna lie, I find this a little frustrating... I try to contact this Anthony Pietrak fellow so I can try to get scans of the Canadian boxes of Root Beer Tapper, Smurf - Paint & Play Workshop and Super Cobra (I got a scan of the Canadian Victory so that one is scratched off my list) and apparently he works at QuarterArcade.com so I tried to contact Anthony via that web site, but I didn't get a reply. I also tried to reach ValkyrieSilk using a few e-mail addresses I knew and also via a PM on AtariAge, and again, no reply up until now. Now I spot Make-A-Face on eBay, which is a box variant of FaceMaker which I could make a trading card for, but since the seller doesn't ship internationally, I can't even send him a message through eBay to request a scan of the box. Getting a complete collection of box scans (in order to build full series of trading cards) is going to require patience... 😕 /rant
  24. There's an error on that DS box: The ESRB rating should be "EVERYONE 30+".
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