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  1. Yeah Slayer Edition they put the Spider mastermind back in, music, and got the spectres working then went silent.
  2. I have Zaku. But there are a lot of people who don't and would find a lot of enjoyment playing these games if they were released again.
  3. Don't forget money to google now too. Android has Xbox Beta streaming game service straight from your xbox to your phone now.
  4. Not just R&V though. There's also Zaku that is stuck without a re-release also.
  5. Well Wata & Heritage have created a very large bubble of artificial inflation on the retro market.
  6. Thats great! I noticed that with a couple earlier releases too and saw your videos. Kind of like the old press copies for Gamepro or Gamefan right before a release. Cool.
  7. How did IJH get his shipped so fast? Mine says Thursday on USPS tracking Great preview video. Can't wait hardly wait to play it now.
  8. This is gonna start a new myth like Polybius
  9. Yeah not for a grand. But would like to own this physical too. I found Zaku recently on EBid for 150 and grabbed it up but no luck with R&V anywhere close to that price range.
  10. Level 10 and a good score finally. That gets intense.
  11. Finally got around to finishing it! Is that naked woman in the ending the goddess? Could never find the footprints so I didn't get to do the hunts. Great game had lotta fun with it!
  12. While I patiently wait on the waiting list others are fighting with bidding on ebay right now.
  13. Another World on GBC is friggin sweet. The unreleased GBA port still can be found on ebay but a GBC version is way more interesting.
  14. No hiding Atari addiction with Brads tape around...
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