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  1. It doesn't pay, but we're also not making money off of it, this is purely an academic research project.
  2. Good point, I'll bring up adding an "about" page somewhere. The research at this stage is about AI learning from human demonstration data. That is, if we can show an AI system enough data of how humans play these games, can the AI figure it out from that? More long-term, we're interested in using this to develop methods for human-AI cooperation - that's partly why we use Space Invaders for instance, because it has a two-player mode.
  3. Oh no, that's actually one that's outside of what we're looking for. 😂 Sorry!
  4. Hi all, Do you want to help science by playing Atari games? My research team is looking to collect human gameplay data to help us create better AI behaviour. If any of you have been craving your daily dose of Space Invaders anyway and would be happy to play through our browser-based system, you'd be helping us out a lot. Check it out here: http://f1.retro-videogame-study.org/ We even have a multiplayer option too! If you'd like to play with a friend, have the go to the following URL and start a game at the same time as you, and you should be matched: http://multiplayer.retro-videogame-study.org/?f=f Thank you to everyone, and if you run into any issues please do let us know either on the web app itself or on here. Same if your favourite game is missing, we'd be happy to see what we can do.
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