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  1. regarding the 576NUC_flash_02-18-22.zip Is it due to SDrive or there's something else changed (bug fixes, new features)? I mean - I'd like to know, if I need to update it on my NUC with Fujinet.
  2. This is, exactly, the seller I've got mine from. They have worked without the issue.
  3. In my case - all the chips are in the sockets (which required some dual stacked 40 pin sockets). Everything fits nicely.
  4. Mine seem to be fine.. ufff.. Just need to fix the tv geometry (the beauty of the old, picture tube tv's )
  5. Folks, boards are gone. Thanks everyone for quick and easy transactions.
  6. btw, I still have 3 sets of boards if someone wants to have fun
  7. Ah.. Indeed hahaha Just downloaded it, looking for a manual - how to use NUC+FN Thanks!
  8. I've posted already in the NUC thread, but what helped was to connect the cable and fujinet, click the flash button and immediatelly, press the A button and hold it, until the "erasing flash" message appeared. It did work correctly after this. Not sure how much impact it had, but my sd card was IN.
  9. yay! what did I win ? btw, I've just flashed the Fujinet and it works. I've used different PC and the method that worked was to: 1. connect the cable and turn Fujinet ON 2. click the flash firmware button 3. immediatelly press and hold the A button until the "erasing flash" message came in. After this is just worked. Now, I can start to learn, how to use NUC and Fujinet! It's a really great Christmas gift for me Thank you, again, guys! p.s., I seem to not have the PacMan game.. after booting with ALT+3 I'm getting the normal basic prompt. Could be that I should use the other rom file?
  10. No difference. I'm thinking if it's not the baud rate being too high... The problem starts once the baud rate is set to 460800, but how to change it in flasher?
  11. Thank you!. Went step further and now this.... It seem to communicate with the ESP module. Must be something else.
  12. But now, I'd like to ask for help with the FUJINET. Trying to flash the firmware but getting this error all the time Using 'COM3' as serial port. Starting firmware upgrade... Getting latest firmware from fujinet.online.. FujiNet Version: 0.5.cec57d6a Version Date/Time: 2021-12-11 17:57:01 Build Date/Time: Mon Dec 13 01:57:05 UTC 2021 Unexpected error: could not open port 'COM3': FileNotFoundError(2, 'The system cannot find the file specified.', None, 2) Is there a special procedure here (buttons combination or so)?
  13. Folks, I'm happy to inform, that my NUC is working No issues. It just works Thanks for the great project and sharing it!
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