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  1. Here's a few. Camera don't do it justice 🙂
  2. Well, after a few hours work I got it going tonight. I have to admit the picture is sensational. Completely worth the investment of a few $$$ and a few hours of work. I cannot recommend it enough!
  3. Hi All, Just installed a VBXE in my 65 XE (upgraded to 130 XE). I'm now in the process of building up the SCART cable which seems the best option for a quality output image. I looked at the wiring diagram (see attached) which is a bit confusing to me. I'm ok with all the general connections but a bit confused by the reference to "Composite Video - e.g. from standard monitor jack" and "Audio signal e.g. from standard monitor jack". Does that mean I take the inputs from pin 4 (composite) and pin 3 (audio) respectively? Thanks Sonny
  4. So I ran into an issue. After making the mod and having it working, I removed the power switch and LED from the 1050 and rewired. All going well so far. Then IT HAPPENED. I went to put the faceplate back on and then realised that the LED display could not fit because of the length of the 1050 motherboard where the power switch and LED were. I looked at a few options, including shortening the 1050 PCB but couldn't find a way 😞 I spent this evening revering EVERYTHING and going back to stock MegaSPeedy board on stock 1050. I'm very disappointed to say the least. Wish I checked that before I went so far. I think I'll have to reassess and look at another way of integrating the display. As they say, if at first you fail, try, try again.
  5. Here's the result so far of a few hours of work. Not too bad if I don't way so myself. Power switch being moved to back. Removing power LED as don't need since the track give power status in most modes. Sorry you can't read the display due to crappy photo but is says "02" and the green rectangle LED on bottom showing density is lit up. Next job is to move the selector rotary switch to the power LED spot and move there "reset" button to rear of unit.
  6. I know the mod looks a bit rough but trust me, from a distance it’s actually not too bad. I’m happy with it and I have 4 drives so can afford to have one as my “mod device”.
  7. Sorry all, been a bit quiet this past week. Recovering from being in quarantine 😞 I’m still waiting on a few parts to arrive from various suppliers to start building up my first board. I have received a fully working MegaSpeedy (thanks @guus.assmann) and I’ve worked out a way to install the display and make it look integrated but without modifying the front panel. I’ll share photos in next few days once I’ve got it going. So please give me a few weeks more to build the first unit up. I’m sure there is lots of bug fixes in my circuit boards to be done and hoping Guus will be able to support me through this. My plan is to make 5 units once the first one is going. It will be a case of first in first served once they become available 🙂 Note that I don’t plan on making any changes to the original design. Sorry.
  8. I have already ordered parts and found a way to make it look good without major front panel modifications. Give me a few days and I'll have a few photos up for people to consider....
  9. Not my best work but you get the idea 🙂
  10. I think that worked. I'll do some further testing...
  11. Hands down the Mega Speedy enhancement. Allows you to select from ALL of the drive upgrades in a single unit although I do tend to default to the Happy 1050 configuration when using Mega Speedy 🙂
  12. So got my drive working reliably now! Small gains right 🙂 But strange track counter error now. It seems the track counter is always 1 track behind the actual track count. For example, even when going to sector 720 the track display is showing 38 instead of 39. Same for when formatting a floppy or doing the 1050 Diagnostic burn-in test. It's almost like when going to track 0, you need two tracks to increment the first track. Any thoughts?
  13. I use the 15k and 27k to get the voltage divider per original design. Do you think I need to reduce these to a 3.3k and a 6.8k maybe?
  14. Sigh. After yet more testing, I found that my drive that I thought was a little sus is actually fine. It's just when the track display module is installed that it has issues reading floppies. Any ideas why the display might be interfering with the drive? Note that I'm taking 5VDC to power my device from the 1050 motherboard (TP13 or 15 from emory). Might that be the issue?
  15. I take that back. First WST drive I have is a bit touch-and-go and not a reliable unit so I took the display out of that and placed into a second WST drive I had. The issue of constantly flickering between track 01 and track 00 started again. I wonder if it has something to do with the ROMs on the drive rather than the brand/model? I was thinking about swapping the ROMs over from the flakey WST drive to the known good drive and then testing the track read out. What do people think?
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