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  1. Thanks for the heads up Shawn. Ill keep an eye on this one. I just watched one end for $376 + shipping so I expect this will do the exact same when its done, but Ill watch it either way. I have never seen a model 1 go for a good price. Even non working ones go for 125 or more. Thanks
  2. I also feel that I have never found one that cheap on ebay for a model 1. Model 2s I see go for that price all the time.
  3. Hey Bluejay. Thanks for the update. Yeah with this virus who knows. If you do head in there i would potentially be interested...cant seem to find one online even...other than ebay for a ridiculous amount.
  4. Hey bluejay. Do you remember what they were asking for it?
  5. Just like the title says. Looking for a Sega CD model 1 version. If you have one for sale, let me know. Thanks!
  6. yeah, actually I do have the box.
  7. Hello everyone, I am having trouble saving in my AVP game. I got the game used and it has some saves on it previously. I have wiped them clear, but it will not accept any new saves, because once I turn off the Jag or reset it, the old saves keep popping back in there, I have also tried saving over those, but that does not work either. It seems like the save worked, but it doesnt. I have been reading up on this a little and I think my EEPROM is not working anymore. Has anyone else had this happen or is there a way to fix this at all? Thanks for looking everyone. -Bradd
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