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  1. Wow so I turned it off for awhile, came back just now, tried the format again and it formatted… what the heck.. Oh well..
  2. Hey all, Installed a new 500GB WD Blue SATA in the VCS and when I attempt to format it, the circle gets to 100% but says “Format Failed” .. I do not have a drive enclosure to try this in so maybe take it back and get another one?
  3. App doesn’t connect for me. Brand new VCS, everything else in here works fine. PS5, XB-X, 2 iPad Pros, 2 HomePods, home pod Mini, 2 echo Dots, Echo Show, Sony X95J, Vizio OLED, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, 12 Echo Light switches, zero issues with all of those..
  4. Good info to know. Thanks! Kinda ironic Rush Order = Snail mail. 😂
  5. Thanks for the reply. Gotcha. I’m located in N.C. I figured due to parts/supply issues not to mention the holidays lol..
  6. Hey all, What's the current shipping time frame anyone know? Like anyone order a new system recently, how long did it take for Atari to ship it and when did you receive it? I ordered mine on 12/29, it still says awaiting shipment. I sent a message over to get an idea of when I could expect it and have heard nothing back as of yet. Just curious as to their schedule.. I ordered the Walnut Bundle. Excited to get it Maybe with the supply issues, mine will be delayed a bit. Who knows.. Thx!
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