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  1. @InsaneMultitasker, above is the original post with file link.
  2. I looked at the SYSTEM-SYS file from the DSSD dsk file that you posted again an it does not have AUTOEXEC linked to any drive (see DSSD-Boot screenshot). It does have AUTOEXE1 linked to HDS1. The SYSTEM-SYS file taken from the zip file in the first topic post does have DSK1.AUTOEXEC three times (see Zip-Boot screenshot). I will move the SYSTEM-SYS file taken from the zip file to a floppy and try again. I do not know why these files do not match. You can download the DSSD dsk and verify yourself. I will report back when the testing is done. EDIT: I confirmed the SYSTEM-SYS file from MDOS 7.30 loads and executes the AUTOEXEC file on a TI floppy controller/drive. Thanks!
  3. Currently setup: Geneve has BOOT v2.0 EPROM. TI disk controller, no HFDC (it has stopped working and will need repair). The floppy disk contains "SYSTEM-SYS" (v7.30) + GPL files + AUTOEXEC. "LOAD-XXX" is not on the floppy. The EPROM readme states not to use any LOAD file for floppy only systems. I searched through the SYSTEM-SYS file. The word "autoexec" (case insensitive) only appears once in "Only in autoexec file" (beginning at byte 0001D72B). There isn't an entry for "DSK1.AUTOEXEC" or a separate "AUTOEXEC" that could be combined (although you could steal the lower case "autoexec" from the text above). Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks!
  4. Thanks Beery. I used the dsk file from your post above and only added the AUTOEXEC file, this is using a disk emulator connected to the TI Controller. I will try and verify the path but it should be whatever the included SYSTEM-SYS file has. Thanks again for the reply.
  5. I'm also interested in getting the game/cartridge, probably two 🙂 Also, if there is anything I can do to help in this "quest" please let me know! (Sorry acadiel for stealing your words 🙂 )
  6. Hi, I am have switched my Geneve to the 2.0 Boot EPROM. My HFDC has quit working so I have switched to a TI disk controller and booting from floppy. MDOS loads successfully but does not execute the AUTOEXEC file (I am only trying to set TIMODE2 currently). I turned on ECHO to make sure the file is not executing and nothing is printed when MDOS starts. The only thing on the floppy is SYSTEM-SYS, the GPL files, and the AUTOEXEC (no load/sys or load-sys). I can type or run by hand the AUTOEXEC after loading is complete. This all worked under Boot EPROM 1.0. Is there anything I am doing wrong to get the AUOTEXEC to run at boot completion in this configuration? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the info @Schmitzi. The inability to write to a dsk file with the Gotek/FlashFloppy appears to be a issue when used with HFDC. Both 360K and 720K dsk files read fine but cannot be written. MDOS (6.0 or 7.3) format completes and verifies but the contents are untouched (old files are still there untouched and working). If I connect a TI FDC on the Geneve then I can read and write the 180k dsk files and the 360k file fails to read or write (I do not yet have the 80 track mod installed). I have not gotten the 4A systems running yet to try the HFDC/Gotek there. The HFDC does work with 5.25" 90k-360k and 3.5" 1.44 (and lower) on the Geneve. I will hopefully get the 4As running soon. Has anyone been successful in using and HFDC and a Gotek drive (dsk?, hfe, any file type)? Thanks, Mark
  8. Thanks @9640News and @Ksarul for the information. I believe I understand the requirement and the change under boot 2.0. I would suggest that this change based on the boot EPROM be clearly explained in the README for 7.30, this was not clear to me. Also if these other "LOAD*" flies are required in different situations I would suggest they be added to the distribution (the "a" and "b" .dsk files and the zip file). I found them in the EPROM zip but this seems like the wrong location since most people will not be burning their own EPROMs. Why not include them in both distros to cover the bases? Just suggestions, I hope they help. Again thank you for the clarifications and help. Mark
  9. Hi Everyone, I am resurrecting my TI and Geneve systems. Currently I have the Geneve, with only the extra 32k mod and boot EPROM 1.0, a Myarc RS232, and a Myarc HFDC. I am trying to understand MDOS 7.30. If I create a boot floppy, a 360k 5.35" DSDD, with SYSTEM-SYS it does not find MDOS. If I rename SYSTEM-SYS to SYSTEM/SYS and add LOAD/SYS MDOS boots (SYSTEM-SYS and LOAD/SYS do not boot). I even downloaded the BootDsk730.dsk 9640News placed in this topic on October 9th and this does not boot either. So what is the proper file configuration to boot MDOS? It does not appear that LOAD/SYS is included with 7.30 but is required (at least for floppy boot). I am trying to work this out ahead of receiving my boot 2.0 EPROM and IDE cards, both which have been ordered. Any help in understanding is appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  10. Hello Everyone, I am rejoining the TI world after being away for many years. I am in the middle of restoring a Geneve system and two TI systems. First I would like to thank shift838 and Bob Carmany for their service to the community and their help to me personally. I have ordered EPROMs from Bob to update various PEB cards and the Geneve boot. I currently have the Geneve (1.0 boot, v7.30 MDOS) running with an HFDC and Myarc RS232. I have resurrected three floppy drives (2-DSDD, and a 1.44). I purchased a Gotek floppy emulator and loaded the FlashFloppy software. I can read .DSK files (Ex: MDOS 7.30a.DSK) but I cannot write to the DSK file. Ex: I try and write to the MDOS 7.30a.DSK to put the "LOAD/SYS" file and I get a device error. I will have many questions as I get the systems up and running and get back into the hardware arena and programming (I still need to find my copy of GenProg and hope it is still on readable floppies :-) ). My first questions are: Does MDOS still require LOAD/SYS. The 7.30 disks don't have this but it wouldn't boot without it. Should I be able to write to the Gotek with a DSK file as the disk? (DSDD MDOS) or do I need to use the hfe file format to write? It doesn't appear that the Gotek can be set as a HD 3.5 drive in the HFDC and read a DSDD disk. It appears to walk two tracks at once when stepping as you expect for a 40 track floppy. Is there away to use a per DSK file cfg to specify the geometry? Thanks for any assistance you can offer! Mark
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