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  1. Wow an Atari Collector in my area. I live in Olmsted TWP. AWESOME!!!!!!!! Always cool to find a collector close to home. Wassup neighbor? (lol) Confused....why Cleveland and not your residence....Olmsted Falls?
  2. Wow an Atari Collector in my area. I live in Olmsted TWP. AWESOME!!!!!!!! Always cool to find a collector close to home. Wassup neighbor? (lol)
  3. Has anyone been HELPFUL enough to message the seller about their mistake? Clearly in the body of the description is states '2600'. Oh well, fellow Atari'ers are fickle, huh?
  4. Hey Tanman, As an Atari collector, I wouldn't let this go....but I know how that economy has been and me......if I had this in my garage, attic or basement....and came upon it. I know I would definitely sell it, due to economic struggles that I am having, but I know I would be heart-broken as a true Atari collector. Just think...you may NEVER have this in your collection EVER again...one of the HOLIEST OF GRAILS EVER for Atari! I applaud you for having this and I wish you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS more for this, my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. (Question asked on FaceBook): What do you do for fun? (Answer I gave on FaceBook): I play computer games...or play vintage games from Atari 2600 area! What? You Wii, PlayStation, & Xbox players should BOW DOWN TO ATARI for creating the home console! :!: ========================================================================================================= Here is my epiphany where I finally realize that I pledge my alligiance to Atari and everything Atari. If you are with me, please repeat that pledge in your response: I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO ATARI, GIVE THEM GUIDANCE TO THE SOURCE OF THEIR PLEASURE, FOR ATARI WILL EVER BE KNOW AS THE CREATOR OF HOME ENTERTAINMENT, THE 6 (or 4) SWITCHER THAT SWITCHED OUR FANTASIES FROM ARCADE HALLS TO HOME DORMS! WE LOVE YOU ATARI! (If you are with me, please paste the entire sentence in CAPS, as seen in your response and then give your personal response afterwards.
  6. prorobb


    The controllers are 3.5inches x 3.5inches......squared. From the base to the base of the Joystick is approx. 1.5inches. From the base of the joystick to the tip is approx. 3inches
  7. Here's a cool interview article I found of the guy who actually won the FIREWORLD contest - Michael Rideout FIREWORLD CONTEST WINNER
  8. Hi, I came across an auction for Atari carts (I think?) that look like the Mattel carts (M-Network?), but for the 2600 I know of "Blue" or "White". In this auction on the GoodWill auction site, there are the same style carts but most have RED labels and some GREEN and one PURPLE. What system are these for, as I looked in the Atari 2600 database and didn't find these. Here's the link: ATARI CARTS Thanks. ************NEVERMIND************** I guess if I read the auction entirely through, I would have seen that these are Intellivision carts and not Atari. Sorry everyone!!!
  9. Oh, thank you, GideonsDad for the nice remarks on the label work. I figured it can be done, but pretty much the same as the original....but I know with today's PREMIERE programmers...they can do just about anything......with the given technology, of course...lol
  10. LOL I meant for this thread to be about ZOMBIE'S HALLOWEEN....but threw in the Kate Beckinsale cart feature for the mere joy of......KATE BECKINSALE...lol *********(Notice the CX number I added....36, 22, 36. I figured everyone would get a kick out of that...sorry for adding another "CX" to the mix)********
  11. Hi Everyone, I didn't know what the reactions would be about bringing this thread back to life....but I REALLY got interested in this when it "all began" and I accidentally stumbled on this thread a week ago thru another thread and figured "why not?". My only concern is if this guy Steve gets bombarded again with calls, emails and....I know...I know...I told everyone he's on FaceBook (If it's THE Steve) and I hope everyone won't curtail him away from bringing this to life to "dump"....if in fact, it IS for real. I promise you all....if by chance I can get a copy of this, I will be straight on here asking how, when, where, why, who's on first, what's on second and all the above questions to get this opened and dumped. I know it's a long shot, but I will do what I can. I hope it's not a hoax, but you never know...like ROM stated...carts out there that everyone thought were!
  12. This Steve Schustack can be found on FaceBook. I sent him a Friend Request, but it's still pending. Maybe I'll ask some questions and see?
  13. Too bad someone can't remake the Halloween game and make it more Rob Zombie"esgue". I know it would be tough with limited graphics, but I thought it would be cool. Also, to have the label look something like this. Enjoy! Also, here's a little something that is EASY ON THE EYES!!!!!!
  14. I'm glad you all are enjoying this and getting a kick out of it as much as I did. Wish the "non-knowing" would sell for dirt cheap...like a boxed Crazy Climber they had lying around and just wanted to get rid of it!!!!! LOL
  15. I HAD to share this with the Atari community!!!!! I was checking some CL listings in the California area (I'm in Ohio) for some Atari stuff and came across this listing. Cali CL Listing - Atari 4 PS3 WOW!!!! This person thinks they have a REAL VALUABLE ANTIQUE on their hands...lol The system has no accessories and does NOT work due to soda being spilled on it. BUT WAIT....they'll throw in a copy of E.T. if...AND ONLY IF...it's a 160gb hard-drive PS3!!!!! Anyway....figured you all could enjoy a good laugh....and take my "off the wall" poll too!!!! Take care everyone! Robb
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